SIVA SIX – Rise New Flesh

ssA couple of days ago, I came across the long awaited debut of Z (vox) and Noid (keyboards), which surprised me pleasantly… The longing was worth it obviously!! I don’t want to make a comparison with previous projects of them, this one is futuristic, original, brand new. Dark electronic sounds, mixed harmonically with industrial atmospheres, distorted vocals and powerful beats which make you want to move your body to the rhythm. Some of these tracks are already hits to many dancefloors abroad, which I expect to happen here in Greece too, really soon. Feelings such as lust, pain, claustrophobia, disappointment, and others that you will have to discover are expressed through sounds, and lyrics. For those of you who are keen on bands such as Hocico , Absurd Minds, or Suicide Commando, this cd is a “must have”.  My favorite tracks? I, IV, V, VII, IX and X. Responsible for all artwork and photography of outlet, is Seth

 … will prove if you are dead this grace stands alone forgotten every touch, a memory every love, becomes untrue…..


Track List:

I. Fire Walks With Me (6:03)

II. StreetCleaner (4:59)

III. In Extremis (4:56)

IV. Another Dead World (3:58)

V. 120 Days (In Slavery) (5:24)

VI. Awayk (5:13)

VII. Nihil Before Me (4:57)

VIII. Deep Black Well (3:10)

IX. Nexus 6 (5:32)

X. Become Untrue (6:22)