Lethargy – In-Macula (Black Flames Records)

LethargyElectronica has spread its haunted melodies all over the world. In almost every country we can find an interesting band that has something good to offer. “In every town there is someone creating at time, in every town there is someone beating a song” the bands points in one of the song.


At that particular time we will make a little stop to the city of Madrid (Spain). There we will meet Lethargy and their CD In-Macula. What attracted me most to the music is that they have a perfect sense of melody. They do not use the cheap formula of simple upbeats, but they create full art using the electronic way. Their music dives into the cold underground when the beats are becoming faster and the synth bridges become darker. Take as an example the track “Emotions” and you will understand what I am talking about, great up tempo and dark stuff that will paint every dancefloor in a futuristic gloomy color. Although they can become so melodic when they want. Just listen to the great “Recycle”, or the “Rain droops” or even the haunting “By Yourself” and you understand my point. They have also included a cover into the classic “She Is In Parties” (originally by Bauhaus) which is ok but really nothing special as far my ears.  Basically I prefer the original version than any cover. Modern electronic music, based in warm melodies but the same time into cold tech beats. It can become very attractive in its up tempo moments but I think that the bands is better in to more calmed and melodic musical stuff. Finally a word just be written about the great CD front cover.