Past Perfect – Whispers Of Souls In Silence (Cyberdelia Records)

ppWe may be gathered from the starlight, we really do not know. We simply heard the INVITATION that called us to worlds unknown. On the hearing of THE SOUND OF NO FREQUENCY we will drive ourselves to our own sonic journey, painted on the colors of darkness. We are not going to cry for our DELIVERANCE because we already sleeping into the garden of LETHE. We are simply lost into the middle of a dream. Someday when the sun turns to black we may find the power to whisper again and then we may tell you our FATAL DREAM TALE. We may be able to remember the days when we were bleeding as we were haunting A DREAM WITHIN A NIGHTMARE. A dark concept album divided into three chapters.


7 compositions that will flow like dark river in your soul. The ghosts of 80s dark wave are dancing here and there. A gothic touch gives the songs even more musical majesty. All those are carefully embraced by a smooth, psychedelic, electro veil. Sounds strange and beautiful, melodies deep ad different. A concept story, narrated by the voice of B-Abyss that provides the songs with their own personality. A magical, strange, black trip. Are you ready to follow?


Ps. LETHE is one of the most beautiful songs of the CD.