Spotify puts an end to accounts ad blocker users

Spotify puts an end to accounts ad blocker users

Good news for the artists and labels, less for freeloaders, the new Spotify update will put an end to the accounts of free users who take advantage of third-party apps and workarounds to block ads. The new update will immediately suspend the account upon detection of these ad-block users.

The ‘novelty’ can be found in Spotify’s updated Terms of Service rules. Previously Spotify sent a warning to users if it detected faul play and forced you to reinstall an upgrade of the player in order to access the service again. If the offense was repeated, Spotify would send a ban notification to the users and take down the users’ accounts. Not so this time as Spotify will give abusers directly the well deserved boot.

Last year Spotify informed it had uncovered 2 million users of its free service who had blocked advertising.

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Original Source: Side-Line Music Magazine