Garden Of Delight – Northern Skies Single (Trisol)

GODEveryone seems to be happy with the new CD single of Garden of Delight that prepares us for their long waited full length album “Apocryphal I: The Fallen”. By the time you are reading those lines the album should have been released. All those features that have made us to love this band in the past are presented again. The main song is a typical Garden of Delight Song in fast tempo, with nice melodies and the typical vocals that reminds us for one more time the old good Fields Of The Nephilim. The song is available in two versions: The single version and the remixed version which is the second track of the CD Single. The third track is “Beyond The Shadows” which is darker and in slower tempos. The last one, which is my favorite from this single is the great “Vault For The Lost”. I would say that this track is one of the best G.O.D tracks. Anyway in a few words here we got an interesting single and all the G.O.D funs should grab it !!!