Frozen Autumn – Emotional Screening Device (Eibon Records)

FAEveryone thought that Frozen Autumn had broken up and that their members would be concentrated into the project Static Movement. Well believe it or not Frozen Autumn are still active and their new album Emotional Screening Device is a piece of reality. For those who know Frozen Autumn, I have to say that in this album the band explores once more the well known dark musical paths of its past. For those who do not know this band I have to point that Frozen Autumn is one of the most interesting bands that mixes dark wave influences from the past with electro stuff in order to crate dark and emotional music. Male and female vocals are used once more to paint the dark music of the band.


If you ask me to point some specific songs from the new album, I would point "Second Sight", "Silence Is Talking", "When You Are Sad" and "Emotional Screening Device". I really have nothing more to add about this band. Their music is so deep and emotional that words are simply useless. Just take your time and discover their music.