Second Lass – Try To Paint A Fitful Love

SLThis Italian gothic rock band has managed to create a very interesting album. "Try to paint a fitful love", is the title of the album. First of all I would like to point the very nice cover of the album. In my opinion the artwork of an album is very important and it should be part of the total concept on a specific album. The album has a really nice cover, but the music itself is much more important so lets make a small reference to it. The band manages to mix gothic rock stuff, with dark wave influences and a little 70s stuff (ala David Bowie) in their music. From time to time we can notice some usage of samplers or little drum machines but this stuff has been used just to emphasize some parts of the compositions. In the music we can also meet influences from Pink Floyd, Duran Duran, Depeche mode etc, all those under a the dark veil that Second Lass spreads around the songs. Another thing that I would like to point is the marvelous voice of the singer who sings in a special and sometimes theatrical way and finally a word must be said about the great work in the piano and synth that really provides the songs with a dark personality. Just listen to the song "flowers of doubts" and you will understand what I mean. Give yourself a chance and listen to this band. I am sure that you will find them very interesting.