Untoten – Vampire Book (Sonio Malado Records)

UntotenUntoten play darkwave/electro music. Greta Csatlos looks like a Model and sings like Zahra leander on speed!  This is definitely one of the most interesting and varied pieces of music I have come across in a long time! On the one hand there is the typical ambient this unique band emerging from Berlin's crypts creates and on the other there are the electronics and there are rather classical sounds as well. Probably the biggest surprise to me has been the increase of usage of electronic elements. The album is rich of sweet melancholy such as in the first track "Abdomination", "Abscenes of light" or "Vampire book". The latter is probably the best example for the one of the rather classical inspired tracks. Besides, this album reveals the band's open-mindedness in tracks such as "Blood countess" where sounds are integrated into the sombre and cold atmosphere I have not heard in Gothic and Dark Wave music so far.


Another striking element of this album are the electronics as mentioned above already. Taking the track "Bite me (take me to the limit)", for instancem, which bears some rather Pop surface but underneath the typical Untoten flair can still be seen! Great! The lyrics of the album are about loneliness perfectly sung by Greata in tracks such as "Abdomination", of blood as all vamps yearn for and the typical Untoten subject: the undead. This album is definitely the best Untoten CD so far and it should be hard to top this one.




Bite Me! (Take Me To The Limit)

Absense Of Light

Love Spell




Blood Countess

Vampire Book.


You can download The Vampire Book in an mpga format to test it