Abney Park – From Dreams or Angels

apAbney Park: Abney Park describes their sound as electronic. True indeed! This is a blend of smooth pop, thumping beats, and crunchy guitar–all with a dark, melancholic twist. But don't get the wrong idea here–it's really refreshing to hear electronic that's original and void of over used samples or monotonous and predictable beats.


This eight-song, self-released debut from ABNEY PARK simply rocks. Heavy rhythm guitar drives the opening riff of the band's signature song 'Abney Park' and heads straight into 'The Wake'. The first track 'Vengeance' fuses moody masculine vocals with wafty female vocals wrapped around light guitar, electronic drums, and minimal atmosphere. The second track 'Abney Park' starts out with a slightly out of place ethnic sample then flows into structured electronics that changes into a very Rockish piece. As a whole, the band exhibits remarkable compositional and studio skills. Both tracks are crisply arranged, recorded and executed. New Wave saturates this album, but in a unique and unaffected way. Vocalist and songwriter Robert Brown, gives ABNEY PARK the Gothic feel – his commanding and mysterious vocal style and brooding lyrics keep the album from simply being a retro-80's throwback. 'Burn' shows that these guys are top-notch musicians creating a mutant variety of '90's new wave pop that is sure to catch on.