Floodland – Decay (Napalm Records)

floodlandTo tell you the truth I have not heard anything about this band in the past, although I found their new CD called "Decay" very interesting. It contains 10 tracks and someone can understands from the first hearring that the band plays pure gothic rock with soft electronic touches. The CD is divided into two musical parts. As I pointed he band creates dark music using both electronic stuff and the typical instruments such as bass, guitar and drums. The strange but meanwhile interesting thing with those guys is that in one album they manage to show two different faces of the same coin. The first five tracks are in faster tempos, the band uses more electronic stuff into those compositions and from the first to the last note we can notice their strength and electrified passion. Especially the track number 4 (Rainchild) can be a great gothic hit for the well know clubs all around. As the journey to the world of Floodland goes on and when the listener arives into track number 5 then the stuff changes a little bit. The tempos beocmes slower, the electronic stuff creates a foggy atmosphere, the keyboards creates more romantic and melancholic musical themes and in general the band shows its dark and atmospheric side.

Just listen the tracks "Rejected" or "First flower after the flood" and you will surely understand what I mean. Well here we have a band that remains into to pure gothic musical forms. They know how to use the electronic stuff into their music, they know how to create melodies still ussing their guitars and in a few words they know how to entrap our souls into one more dark journey. I would not say more. I would simply go and listen to their stuff once more.