The Loveless – Star Rover (Euphonius Records)

the lovelessHere we have a brand new goth band form Denmark. Its 3 members have been for a long time to the dark side of music as they were members of doom-deathsters SAturnus in the past. After they have left SAturnus for personal reassons, they decided to start something new together, so The Loveless was born. After a 3 track demo they managed to release their debut album, "Star Rover" under the label of Euphonious Records (Germany distribution by the well known dark label: Prophecy Productions).
Musically the album is a very interesting micture of gothic rock with inlfluences from newer bands of the scene, like Katatonia, Type O Negative and HIM. Mid tempo songs full of emotional melodies that offers us a melancholic trip. The guitars are electrified from time to time, but do not panic, here we have not got another "gothic metal" band. The band also covers the song "Always there" from Rose of Avalanche and that is another point that proves the love of the musicians for the classic goth stuff. The lyrics has to do with love and the terrible situations that sometimes this feelling can create, especially when the beloved person is missing. Well in a few words I would describe the music of the band as "gothic rock 'n' roll" and I would say that their debut is very very interesting. If you still like some guitar with your gothic… go and check it.