The Mission – God Is A Bullet

The Mission

With "God Is A Bullet" The Mission return with an album that is both brave and adventurous : a searing ‘guitar’ album full of swagger, confidence, good tunes and, in Wayne Hussey, a songwriter that is at the top of his game.

"God Is A Bullet" features 15 new songs recorded between September and December 2006 in Bath / England and completed in Wayne Hussey’s own ‘Green Room’ studio in Brazil. Produced and headed by Wayne the album features the line-up of Mark Gemini Thwaite on guitar, Rich Vernon on bass, and Steve Spring on drums.

Musically, it is sometimes brazen or brutal while othertimes it can be reduced to a seductive whisper : it is what every Mission fan is surely hoping for without being what they’re expecting. Lyrically, it is the most diverse set of songs ever composed by Wayne Hussey, while the album also boasts the contributions of some very special guests : Simon Hinkler ( original guitarist with The Mission ) graces the album with some superlative guitar playing, as does Tim Bricheno, original guitarist of All About Eve. Julianne Regan ( again from All About Eve ) reprises her role from early Mission recordings such as "Severina" and "Beyond The Pale", adding her angelic vocal alongside Wayne Hussey's on a couple of tracks.

"God Is A Bullet" is an album that dares to challenge it’s audience. It’s an album that will surely come to be viewed as a ‘classic’ in the canon of The Mission : an album that attempts to take forward steps at a time when it’s expected for the band to look backwards.


First Limited Edition presented in digipak format.


Limited CD


01. Still Deep Waters
02. Keep It In The Family
03. Belladonna
04. To Love & To Kill With The Very Same Hand
05. Aquarius & Gemini
06. Blush
07. Chinese Burn
08. Father
09. Headshrinker
10. Draped In Red
11. Running With Scissors
12. Silhouette
13. Dumb
14. Absolution
15. Grotesque


Click here to listen to extracts from various tracks – Part 1 [ 1MB ]
Click here to listen to extracts from various tracks – Part 2 [ 1MB ]

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Release date:
30th Apr 2007

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