Censorship strikes Zombie Girl album artwork

Sample ImageZombie Girl, the project by Sebastian Komor (Icon Of Coil) and Renee Cooper Komor, is currently facing lots of trouble to get the band's album’s booklet printed. So far 4 major pressing plants in Europe have refused printing the booklet for the simple reason that it holds a photograph of female singer Renee Cooper Komor eating a bloody piece of meat as well as images of some bloody 'brain dishes'. Small but important detail in the whole discussion, the named pictures will not even be featured on the frontcover but inside the booklet. In a rather unusual furious reaction, Alfa Matrix CEO Seba Dolimont says:
(source: www.side-line.com) 

    "(…) 2 of these pressing plants have pressed hundred thousands of CD’s for Alfa Matrix in the past (editor's note: including Unter Null's "The Failure Epiphany" featuring blood scenes on the cover)! And now for non-founded reasons they put us in such a difficult situation that we might have to push back the street date of the album. This is not fair to the Zombie Girl fans and certainly not fair towards the band itself! (…) Now that some plastic brains covered in fake blood generate such censoring reactions is beyond understanding. I see much more shocking images every day on the TV news…"

The label does not plan to change a single detail to the artwork itself but expects a delay of several days until they find a flexible pressing plant. The concerned pictures can be seen here and here.