***Defcon – Endsong***

“Embracing the apocalypse as inevitability due to the current political climate, DEFCON presents you with a soundtrack for the end of days. Putting an emphasis on hardware not software, DEFCON comes at you with not only hard music but also an intense live show, combining elements of power noise, EBM, and old school industrial, along with ultra-high energy and theatrics. DEFCON is the official side-project of Cruciform Injection guitarist brendan7_.”

Although this is the first release from DEFCON they have performed with other bands such as Terrorfakt, Caustic, Filament 38, the Gothsicles, Grigori 3, Cruciform Injection, Tonikom, and Andaculoid to name a few.


1. Roentgen
2. Low Survivability
3. Life Support
4. Retribution
5. The First Wave
6. Bloody Hands
7. Machine Code
8. Readiness
9. Sent to God
10. Technospiracy
11. Man’s End
12. Human Remains