***Dopestars Inc. – Gigahearts + Orkus Magazine 4***

Check out the new Orkus magazine which features this special Dope Stars Inc CD. Contains the new CD “Gigahearts” and the new issue of Orkus Magazine English, which features a cover story on Dope Stars Inc!

After spending nearly one year in the studio the shooting stars (“Newcomer of the Month” of both Orkus and Sonic Seducer music mags) Victor Love, Grace Khold, Alex Vega and Darin Yevonde a.k.a. DOPE STARS INC. are back with a brand new masterpiece abounding with intense emotions. How the most general perceptions and ideas may provoke the most fervid emotions is the theme of “Gigahearts”: a study of autosuggestion. All or nothing: this can be the absolute love, the love in an empty space. The album burns its complete story in the flames of passion. It is not -like so often- about love driving somebody insane but about insane notions of love. It is loss and desperation, alienation, isolation, loneliness, love and finally death. However, DOPE STARS INC. have remained completely faithful to their sound and again managed to find the balance between different genres. The electrified sound of “Gigahearts” captivates us once more by bringing forth a unique combination of melodies and a substantial production. Harsh drums and sepulchral electronic sounds meet heartbreaking guitars and culminate in sombre pop songs for eternity. This emotional rollercoaster is crowned with the sometimes melodic, sometimes aggressive vocals of frontman Victor Love. One smash hit is followed by the other and every single one of them finds its way to our heart and brain- slowly but inevitably. DOPE STARS INC. prove once more that they are the new generation of Goth. It can’t get any better! Released on Trisol and available December 18th, 2006.