Decline and Fall Party ,by Bottlenecks on 22.03.05 at club Memphis

Date : 22nd March 0F 2005
Day : Tuesday
Time : 23:30
Place : Club Memphis ,Ventiri 5 ,Hilton
DJs : Tcunamee or Dystopia & VaMMpiRReLLa or VaMMpi-t-RReLLa ,both known as Bottlenecks(unfortunatelly or fortunattely this time VaMMpiRReLLa won’t be there,but she promises that she will be there for the next party)
Theme :Decline and Fall Party
Music : 80’s and the aftershock

New Wave —————————-Technopop
post punk——————————Indie

Bands:Bauhaus,clan of xymox,Clock Dva,nitzer ebb,chameleons,Joy Division ,cure,depeche mode,death in June,london after midnight,coil,front line assembly,front 242,welle erdball as well as Placebo,Interpol,Madrugada,Tindersticks etc etc.

Let’s say goodbye to March of 2005 by the most romantic and agressive character of music….