Diary of Dreams – Nigredo Limited Box Set

The brand new, 8th regular studio album from Diary Of Dreams is also released as this strictly limited luxury BOX-SET edition. This deluxe set comes as a fully printed high quality cardboard box ( twice the size of a standard CD ) and contains : – Regular ”Nigredo” CD in a special deluxe 6-panel fold-out digipak
– Massive over-sized digibook with 64 pages, printed on special matt paper and including lots of pictures, lyrics and background information on the concept behind the “Nigredo” release
– Full colour Mini-Poster

More than two years since Diary Of Dreams presented their last fantastic album ”Freak Perfume” ( and proved once more their creative powers had reached a new level ) they return with brand new conceptual album ”Nigredo”.

Once more demonstrating the incredible musical power of DOD and the maturity of their sound – centered around mastermind Adrian Hates “Nigredo” incorporates the energy and the qualities of their former works without relying on well-trodden paths. Sounding claustrophobically close and forceful, threatening and melancholic ( but all persued with great love for detail ) Diary Of Dreams deliver an album that will thrill and fascinate listeners in clubs as well as in the privacy of their home.

Faithful fans will fall again for the fascination of the Dream Diary, and their pure depth of the music will also find new converts. With this release the band was determined to create artwork to match the mastery of their music and ”Nigredo” incorporates bizarre Icelandic landscapes, its amazing imagery and powerful setting further augmenting the fantasy and mythology behind this release.

Again Diary Of Dreams succeed in defying cliche and avoiding current trends with their own innovative and inimitable style as they present a unique album of infectious and beatifull electronic darkwave music.

Full Tracklisting : :-

01. Dead Letter
02. Giftraum
03. Kindrom
04. Reign of Chaos
05. Charma Sleeper
06. Tales of the Silent City
07. Portrait of a Cynic
08. UnMensch
09. The Witching Hour
10. Psycho-Logic
11. Krank:Haft
12. Cannibals
13. Mask of Shame

By Accession.