Lights Of Euphoria – Gegen Den Strom Limited Edition

Limited Edition Version. After a successful series of releases in 2003 ( ”True Life” maxi, ”Krieg Gegen Die Maschinen” album, ”Fading Moments” EP ) Lights of Euphoria returned recently defining their musical path with storming new club single ”One Nation”.
Now they are ready to unleash their brand new sixth album of genre-defining electro on alternative club dancefloors the world over…

”Gegen Den Strom” ( ”Against The Stream” ) presents the first time that LOE have presented itself as a full band, rather than a collection of different artists. Mastermind Torben Schmidt ( Suicide Commando ) and frontman Jimmy Machon deliver a multi-faceted electronic album that is by turns powerful, exciting, club compatible and danceable at the same time ! Alongside hit single ”One Nation” ”Gegen Den Strom” delivers track after track of powerfull electro and rhythmic electronics such as ”You Are” ( featuring Punto Omega ), ”Lock Me Up” ( featuring Dennis Osterman of In Strict Confidence ) and the standout songs ”Liquid Lust”, ”The Night” and ”White Wall”.

Please note that this first run Limited Edition version of ”Gegen Den Strom” comes complete with 5 bonus tracks including remixes from ROTERSAND, XOTOX, GLIS, HECQ and ANALOGUE BRAIN.

Full Tracklisting ( Standard CD )

01. Was Ware Wenn ?
02. Burning Ground
03. White Wall
04. Liquid Lust ( Part I )
05. Leben & Tod
06. You Are ( featuring Punto Omega )
07. The Night ( Futurezone Club Mix )
08. A Moment Of Past
09. Feel The Pain ( featuring In Strict Confidence )
10. One Nation
11. Liquid Lust ( Part II )
12. White Wall ( State Of The Union Remix )

Bonus Tracks of Limited Edition

13. The Night ( Rotersand Rework )
14. White Wall ( Desperation Remix )
15. Feel The Pain ( Hecq Remix )
16. White Wall ( Glis Remix )
17. A Moment Of Past ( 72 mix by Xotox )

By Accession.