Nebula – H 2 Limited CD+DVD

Limited 2CD Version. The eagerly expected follow up to their mega-popular debut album ”H”, Belgian new-EBM commando’s Nebulah H return to invade electro clubs once more with brand new album ”H20”. Delivering their unique and explosive *****tail of eclectic electronics, state-of-the-art modern beats and enticing lyrics Nebulah-H offer an astounding palette of new club hits ably demonstrating the production maturity of multi-talented song writer and producer Mika Goedrijk ( THIS MORN O’MINA, PO(W)DER-***** ) and Deranged Psyche ( ex-FUZE BOX MACHINE vocalist ). For the uninitialted, Nebulah-H take the strong EBM roots of FRONT 242, PRAGA KHAN’s unique sense of melody, and JUNO REACTOR’s rhythmic magic and lace it with elements of hard edged techno and hardfloor house. Two years in the making this new studio assault from Nebulah-H promises to deliver one of the highlight electro albums of 2004. Play loud.

Full Tracklisting ( Standard CD )

01. H D’or
02. Le.XV.Nard.XV
03. Mobilis In Mobile
04. Symbiosis
05. Fragments
06. Witkin
07. Sherazade
08. Silence Of A Scream
09. Portrait Of A Soul
10. Hypnos ( Vs. F.K )
20. Symbiosis ( Extended Beat )

This Limited Edition version of the new Nebula-H album ( 500 copies worldwide only ) includes a BONUS DVD disc featuring live songs, video clips, animated photo galleries and much more plus the usual Alfa Matrix post cards and other assorted special items.

Full Tracklistin Bonus DVD : ( only available with the Limited 2CD edition )

01. Symbiosis (video clip)
02. Twilight Zone ( live )
03. Inhibition (H.02) ( live )
04. Still Impressum ( fragments 80s pop )
05. Andalusion ( featuring Pangea )
06. X ( marks the spot )

By Alfa Matrix.