Angels of Liberty – Angels Of Liberty

This edition combines two very limited and immediately sold out limited EP’s by the British Goth act Angels of Liberty. British Terrorizer magazine on the band: "Angels of Liberty are one of the darkest, emerging talents from the UK's goth scene. With roots firmly in traditional 80s/90s goth, their creations are very much a nod to the ‘old guard', yet very distinctive, blending of guitars and drum machine programming, comparison influences from early Sisters of Mercy and Nosferatu are immediately obvious. There is an immediate air of deepening anticipation reminiscent of a darkening fairytale, with classical strings, simple atmospherics and harp-like chords but also songs that develop a distinctive base of haunting guitars and powerful drum sequences that envelope the misery laden vocals with a sense of desperate urgency under a veil of elaborate atmospherics!"

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