***Plastic Noise Experience – Maschinenraum***

Strictly limited to only 1000 copies worldwide, “Maschinenraum” is a special appetiser EPCD released to announce the coming arrival of PNE’s new album “Maschinenmusik”. Next to notable remixes by electronic veteran Gin Devo (ex-VOMITO NEGRO) and BLUTENGEL, we’re also treated to astounding remixes by PNE’s live members: TECHNOIR and SERPENTS , as well as by label-mates AIBOFORCEN, GLIS and DUNKELWERK. Plastic Noise Experience also created, exclusively for this EPCD, powerful club remixes for the album’s new hits “Maschinen”, “Monoton Synchron” and “Plastic Fantastic”. And to add even more immensity to the release, the 13-track EPCD also includes two rare unreleased cuts “Schlafmodus 3” and “Recall Now” which will not appear on the album version!

PNE album CD + limited with DVD to 500 copies

In the early 90’s, their debut album “Transmission” immediately propelled Plastic Noise Experience to the forefront of the explosive German dark elektro scene. After several dynamic releases P.N.E. was abruptly forced to keep silent due to record label troubles. Announced by the singles “Maschinen” (2003) and “Maschinenraum” (2004), “Maschinenmusik” marks the most anticipated return on the electronic scene! Including remixes by :WUMPSCUT:, SUICIDE COMMANDO, ARMAGEDDON DILDOS and SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS. For the hardcore fans of the band, the album is also available in a limited edition (500 copies only!!!) sold in a deluxe DVD box with a collectable postcard, sticker and a bonus DVD featuring 5 live tracks recorded during the band’s recent shows at Leipzig – WGT 2003 and Berlin – Bodybeats 2003.