INJURY – Scars From The Past

After a pretty long absence from the scenes Croatian musician Danijel Levatic is back with his injury moniker and an album entitled “Scars from the Past”, consisting of an impressive set of tracks of muscular ebm and power-electronics. Blended into the mix of synthetic pads, layers of sounds and hammering industrial-dance beats you’ll find plenty of ear candy, in the form of a vast array of speech samples from movies, documentaries etc, mostly dealing with the all to well justified paranoia of not having privacy anymore, something Levatic has been focusing on for a while now. More than half of this album actually consists of remixes by well known bands such as Funker Vogt, Decoded Feedback, Flesh Field, Aghast View, Pulse Legion, Dead Jump, Strategy (from Trylok – there’s someone else I haven’t heard from in a looooong while…) and Cable Bends Steel, not to mention a duet-duel between injury and Trylok themselves (for those of you who remember we interviewed Trylok and they used to design the early covers of our magazine D.L.K./Chain D.L.K.).

1. Flatline [The Beginning]
2. New World Order
3. Big Brother [Pt 2]
4. N.W.O. [Distant Echo]
5. On The Other Side
6. Virtual Hell
7. Mass Murder In The Land Of Terror [Funker Vogt RMX]
8. God Of Fire [Decoded Feedback RMX]
9. Incest [Flesh Field RMX]
10. Mass Murder In The Land Of Terror [Aghast View RMX]
11. Incest [Pulse Legion RMX]
12. Mass Murder In The Land Of Terror [Dead Jump RMX]
13. Mass Murder In The Land Of Terror [Strategy RMX]
14. God Of Fire [CAble Bends Steel RMX]
15. Trylok Vs Injury – Guardian Angel