Hard, rough, edgy and scratchy German EBM is what Agonoize (Berlin-based trio) offer us with “Paranoid Destruction”, a remix project MCD featuring the hands of Dirk Faehling, [:SITD:], PSI.CORP, Lohen & Lomax and Sebastian Schleinitz as well as the original version, and alternative version and even an interesting all-strings version (as well as a non-album bonus track). The formula is about as old as effective: well-programmed synth lines and sequences, hard-hitting beats, hammering dance kicks, powerful bass lines and sinister distorted vocals.
Review by: Marc “the MEMORY Man” Urselli-Schärer

1. Paranoid Destruction (Original)
2. Paranoid Destruction – RMX
3. Paranoid Destruction – :SITD: remix
4. Paranoid Destruction – PSI. Corp RMX
5. Wrong Belief (nonalbum track)
6. Paranoid Destruction – Lohen & Lomax
7. Paranoid Destruction – Alternative Version
8. Paranoid Destruction – String Version