v/a . evolved as one – a collection of emotional ambient-drones

This is the first cd by the new label `evolved as one’, and features a collection of emotional ambient-drones. The compilation features 9 tracks by 7 artists from the international `drone’ scene. All the tracks have
been created using traditional instrumentation such as guitar, voice,
harmonica and flute, as well as digital effects and electronic processing.
The tracks represent a wide range of emotional states, ranging from the
depression of suppressed fear to the yearning of pure melancholy.

1. moljebka pvlse – jiken
2. dual – phimos phomis
3. ure thrall – breathing
4. ultrasound – there is also red in the air
5. srmeixner – the third horizon
6. cats of tel aviv – orphan’s amen . I
7. moljebka pvlse – daiji
8. ure thrall – bourbon gamelan
9. troum – ananke

total time: 68.55 minutes

The CD comes in a beautiful cardboard cover designed by t.dohmen and was
mastered by e.bosman. Edition of 500 copies.

Catalog number: evol01
Release date: November 2003

Contact info: http://www.evolvedasone.com / info@evolvedasone.com

available through:
Drone Records [http://www.dronerecords.com]
Tesco Organisation [http://www.tesco-germany.com/]
State Art [http://www.stateart.de/]
Malignant Records [http://www.malignantrecords.com/]