Year: 2019

‘Click Interview’ with Beinhaus: ‘Electronic-Punk With Industrial Drums’

Did you ever heard of Beinhaus? I didn’t it! Set up in 1994 by core members Robert Glück and Marko Schröder, this German formation got joined by a few extra members and self-released all of their work. They this year signed a label deal with Krater Recordings (subdivision from Audiophob) unleashing the album “Zaehne”. This work sounds retro-industrial like and yet still modern. It for sure sounds different from the average industrial productions. Robert Glück brings us an introduction to Beinhaus, which I highly recommend to all industrial music lovers. (Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: Beinhaus saw the daylight in 1994, but I get the impression you first of all remain one of the best hidden secrets from the industrial scene. Tell us a bit more about Beinhaus considering elements such as influences, sound, recognition and the main facts in the band’s history? Robert: Yes, Beinhaus has actually been around since 1994 -with some ups and downs and always times in which we did almost nothing for months. The last motivation boost came in 2015 when we started working with the Native Instruments machine, which characterizes our today’s background sound. In 2016 David joined Beinhaus as a multi-instrumentalist and sound […]

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