Year: 2018

Psy’Aviah InterView: Testaments to Hope

Speaking with Psy’Aviah, William Dashiell Hammett digs into the details of Yves Schelpe’s collaborative and creative process, culminating in his own testament to hope, Lightflare.

An InterView with Yves Schelpe of Psy’Aviah

By William Dashiell Hammett (WDH)
For almost 20 years, under the moniker of Psy’Aviah, Antwerp, Belgium based Yves Schelpe has used his skills to release critically […]

Side-Line interviews Mute label boss Daniel Miller: ‘The Lederman / De Meyer version (of ‘Back To Nature’) is very good!’

(Photo by Diane Zillmer) Out next month is the debut album by Lederman / De Meyer. On that album (titled “Eleven grinding songs” – available here) but also on the band’s first release, the download EP “A tribe of my own” (available here), the band covered Fad Gadget’s “Back To Nature”. Since Jean-Marc Lederman has been working with Fad Gadget in the past we decided to hail London and have a small chat with Daniel Miller, the Mute Record label boss himself, about Fad Gadget and Jean-Marc. SL: How did you me​e​t Jean-Marc Lederman, Daniel? ​ DM: ​We met at Better Badges (a mall at Nothing Hill Gate which is a badges manufacture), where Geoff Travies from Rough Trade sent Jean-Marc as he thought we should meet: synths fans were few at the time. Jean-Marc gave me a Digital Dance 7″ and we have been in contact ever since. SL: You worked with Frank Tovey as part of Fad Gadget early 1980. Was Frank an easy guy in the studio and on stage ? DM: ​In studio, Frank had very clear ideas on what he wanted or didn’t want and my task was to help him achieve that. It wasn’t […]

Listen to first new Front Line Assembly track ‘Mechvirus’ taken from OST Carbon Games’ latest game, WarMech!

Out later this Summer on Artoffact Records (and already available for ordering via the label’s mail-order in various vinyl versions) is Front Line Assembly’s all-new soundtrack for Carbon Games’ latest creation, “WarMech”. You can now already listen to first new Front Line Assembly track “Mechvirus” taken from the OST of Carbon Games’ latest game. For this release Bill Leeb is joined by Jared Slingerland, Sasha Keevil, Craig Johnsen, and the late-great Jeremy Inkel. In total you get 12 tracks ranging from industrial to ambient to techno. 5 versions available including a mega limited fan pack The album will be released on double vinyl (next to a CD digipak version) including black and greasy-mess versions, as well as a strictly limited (100 copies) dystopian future half-half effect version (available here) with both brown and yellow. The vinyl comes in a gatefold sleeve designed exclusively by Dave McKean, and you also get a collectable, branded download card. You can discover the various versions right here. A game code for exclusive ingame content for both AirMech Strike (free) and AirMech Wastelands (available for purchase seperately) is included. The dystopian future half-half effect vinyl also holds the AirMech Wastelands full game code and AirMech […]

Dive – Let Me In

“Let Me In”, one of the most popular songs off Dive’s most recent album “Underneath” is now receiving a limited vinyl release featuring two exclusive mixes of the title song, plus 2 exclusive new tracks.

Driven by straightforward beats and catchy sequencers that clash with Dirk Ivens’ trademark hauntingly hoarse larynx in the most exquisite fashion, “Let Me In” is a fascinating mix of fever dream and club tune. The new Dive-maxi features the hypnotic floor filler in two previously unreleased remixes by Mildreda and Attacke. On top of this, this special release features the mesmerizing ambient instrumental “Hollie” and the delightfully raw Suicide-Cover “I Remember” as exclusive new and unreleased tracks. This strictly limited collector’s item is released on 180g vinyl with a lavish cover artwork and is a must-own for all fans of Dirk Ivens’ music, as well as for all aficionados of special underground vinyl releases.

A Perfect Circle – Eat the Elephant

A Perfect Circle
Category: Alternative Rock
Album: Eat the Elephant
Blurb: A Perfect Circle returns after 14 years to give us an album that may be telling you what you need to hear, but may not be what you want to hear.

It’s been 14 years since A Perfect Circle’s anti-war covers album Emotive, and 15 since the last […]

Strvngers – Amor / Noir

Category: Darkwave / Post-punk / Electro
Album: Amor / Noir
Blurb: A stunning follow up to the debut release, the sophomore album from Strvngers is a unique, deep, and infectious work that proves the Canadian duo is a force to be reckoned wit…

Autumn – Chandelier

Category: Goth / Rock / Darkwave
Album: Chandelier
Blurb: Returning after nearly two decades, Autumn delivers a new record that achieves the cold majesty of the past while infusing new elements to make for a triumphant new beginning.

It has been 18 years since Minneapolis goth/rock band Autumn has released a full-length album… long time to wait, but […]


Category: Industrial / Rock / Metal
Album: AmeriKKKant
Blurb: Revitalized and reinvigorated with a Republican administration to fuel the creative fire, MINISTRY remains as strong a force as ever with this politically charged fourteenth studio …

Chris Connelly – The Tide Stripped Bare

Chris Connelly
Category: Alternative / Rock
Album: The Tide Stripped Bare
Blurb: Dissonant harmonies and psychedelic layers of acoustic guitar lay at the heart of Chris Connelly’s solo work, with his twentieth album showcasing some of his strongest and most vibrant songwriting yet.

Never an artist to rest on his laurels, one wonders from what seemingly bottomless wellsprings of […]

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