Year: 2018

Splendid new video by Madben feat. Rebeka Warrior and Manu Le Malin

“Grief, dance to death” is the rather breathtaking new videoclip of Madben with Rebeka Warrior and Manu Le Malin. The track is taken from the album “Fréquence(s)”, released last April on the label Astropolis. For the occasion the French dj and producer Madben invited the French singer Rebeka Warrior (aka Julia Lanoë from the electroclash act Sexy Sushi) and the hardcore dj Manu Le Malin. In the video you see a soldier who wakes up on the ground, afterwards walking for weeks, months, maybe years, without a precise destination. He goes through seasons and landscapes. Then, in this world without life, the first anomalies appear when the soldier comes face to face with many concepts that found our moderns societies, represented by objects in levitation: a TV, boats, crosses, planes and weapons. Here’s the video itself. Recommended!

Psy’AViah’s newest video ‘The Great Disconnect’ shot in ghost town of Doel

Out now is the newest music video from Psy’Aviah. The video for “The Great Disconnect” was shot in “Doel” (Belgium) – a village which is largely abandonned, and which basically turned into a ghost town. Above you can see a still taken from the video featuring Marieke Lightband on vocals. Yves Schelpe: “Situated next to a nucleair power plant, the town itself was a perfect setting for the thematics of the song, as it reflects a slow still moving world, abandonned, you feel disconnected, as the song portrays the emotion of loneliness in the age of anxiety and depression.” The song is taken from the download only “Looking For The Sun” EP (and is featured on the band’s most recent album “Lightflare” as well) which is available on Bandcamp, iTunes, etc… You can check the full EP out on Spotify or Bandcamp. Looking For The Sun EP by PSY’AVIAH

Helalyn Flowers – Nyctophilia

Dear angels of the night, if like us you feel like belonging in the dark and feel so misunderstood by those people around you who find you sad, strange and even dangerous when they see you aimlessly wandering off late at night. We invite you embracing the Empyrean of darkness through Helalyn Flowers’ 5th studio album. The ultimate result of long creative night sessions in the band’s own studio in Roma – Italy.

With “Nyctophilia”, Maxx and Noemi share their addiction to the night and carry us in their very own surrealistic nocturnal world where you will rapidly feel comfortable, far away from the daily routine, opening your mind to a unique mosaic of colours and emotions, plunging you into a sonic time tunnel sucking the 80’s New Wave moody catchy melodies and reinjecting them into a 21st century cyber industrial futuristic landscape, the whole reflected by Helalyn Flowers’ unique sonic kaleidoscope.
Strong from his constantly improving meticulous production skills that he could obviously solidify and refine throughout the previous albums recordings, Maxx intelligently revisited the aggressive hi-energy spontaneity of his early songs from the band’s 2007 debut “A Voluntary Coincidence” and fused it with the obsessive strength and vicious catchiness of the last “Sonic Foundation” opus.

“Nyctophilia” kind of sums up Helalyn Flowers’ stunning and quite eclectic discography while bringing it up to the next level. Wild mechanical industrial beats and sinister addictive synths blow an icy blast on the unique lush and revolted female vocals of Noemi Aurora. Fire and ice unite for a tour de force of high-impact sonic impressions and in-depth exploding emotions.
With “Nyctophilia”, the alluring Italian duo offer us an escape from our basic down-to-Earth lifestyle towards the exciting darkside of the world where we acquire a deeper confidence with our own personal demons and turn them into sources of inspiration feeding our creative flow.
Helalyn Flowers’ new album has absolutely all the ingredients to apply for becoming one of the best electro pop rock albums of the year 2018!
The limited edition of the album holds a 12-track bonus disc featuring 3 amazing remixes by the band itself revealing the impressive ability of Maxx to mutate his own dark songs into forceful club anthems! Add to this a sonic orgy of remixes of the band’s last club hit single “Kamikaze Angel” rendered in the most varied styles ranging from hard dance to pop rock through lo-fi electro and other future electro. Last but not least, a very alluring duet on “Beyond” with the enigmatic Imjudas, Maxx’s very own and promising dark pop solo-project whose debut album is expected later this year… 

I:Scintilla remixed – remix contest for new single ‘Carmena Saturna’

Chicago-based female fronted industrial rockers I:Scintilla have launched a remix contest for their new single, “Carmena Saturna” which is out now. The winning remix will be released as the b-side to the band’s third single, to be released on August 31. Remixers can download ‘stems’ from the track and get all the rules as well as the file specifications from the band’s website. All remixes must be submitted by Monday, July 9. Five finalists will be announced on Friday, July 13. All income generated from sales of the contest will be donated to Darkest Before Dawn. Finalists will be chosen on the merit of their remixes and each finalist’s remix will be available as part of a “Carmena Saturna Remix Contest” release via BandCamp. Each track’s price would be set at $1.00 USD with the option for anyone to pay as much as they wish. The track that generates the most income by Friday, August 10 is the winner. Darkest Before Dawn is a new non-profit organization based in Chicago and Los Angeles with one simple, yet urgent goal: to provide resources, support, and community for the nightlife, restaurant and music venue industry, who’s late hours and isolated commutes leave […]

Aiboforcen – Sense & Nonsense

It’s 7 years after the last “Dédale” album, that Belgium’s cult dark electro act Aiboforcen now returns with their 6th full length album “Sense & Nonsense”.
Still mostly centered today around the intriguing personality of mastermind Benoit Blanchart and the enigmatic female singer Patrice Synthea (Regenerator lead singer), Aiboforcen once again could not resist collaborating with an impressive and more than promising list of special guests on this album!

Starting straight into it with what could be Aiboforcen’s best song ever, the poignant and electric “We Woke Up The Dragon” features the extraordinary vocal talent of Jean-Luc De Meyer (Front 242) who lends his unique voice on not less than 3 songs on this album, including a surprising upbeat EBM cover version of Front 242’s “Loud” and the more atmospheric and darkish “The Arrival”.
All in all, Aiboforcen remain faithful to their characteristic mixture of low-tempo complex dark eletro arrangements with straighter modern up-beat synth- / body-pop songs. A melange which appears to be more than efficient when we consider that the band manages here to follow a meticulous artistic conceptual red line around contradiction, sense and nonsense while aligning such diverse songs as the oppressive “We Woke Up The Dragons”, the future pop club hit “Come Clean” featuring Patrice Synthea at her best and especially on the moody dark trip hop “Tears”.

Aiboforcen confirm once more to be a band who do not care much about any current music trends and favour taking the time they need to deliver another high quality album of dark melodic electronic music…
The limited edition of the album comes out with a 13-track bonus disc entitled “An End Unto Itself” revealing some 3 exclusive non-album tracks.

Chris Liebing announces first album on the Mute label

German DJ, producer, and CLR label founder Chris Leibing has announced a new album, Burn Slow, his first on the Mute label, will be released on September 7. From the album comes “Polished Chrome (The Friend Pt. 1),” a song featuring vocals by the incomparable Gary Numan, and “Novembergrey” to mark the occasion. The album […]

Second single revealed from impending Lord of the Lost album

As the release of Thornstar approaches, German dark rock band Lord of the Lost unleashes the second single and music video from the group’s sixth full-length album, titled “Morgana.” Directed by Matteo Vdiva Gabbiani and Chiara Cerami for VDpictures and featuring La Esmeralda in the title role, “Morgana” depicts a deity from the mythological Panngaeians, […]

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