Year: 2007


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We’ve got good and bad news from Dr. Naghavi’s audio laboratory: which one would you like to hear first? OK, let’s start with the bad news, so we can put that behind us: most people will probably not be happy about Steve Naghavi’s decision to postpone the cover EP planned for release on December 7th, […]

Alien Vampires – No One Here Gets Out Alive

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Alien Vampires are a collaboration of members from the UK and Italy in a born-again Hard Elektro project that literally takes listeners into the pit of hell and never lets them out again. Some tracks tout haunting female backgrounds, others the urgent throbbing of seduction by evil on the more anti-religious tracks, all insane, all […]

Camouflage – Archive#1 ( Rare Tracks )

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This compilation on the Polydor label brings together a host of rare tracks and remixes spread over two essential discs. A vital treasure trove of hard-to-find collectors items from one of Germany's premiere and longest standing Electro-Pop acts. Comes packaged in a high quality double Digipack package and includes a 24 page booklet containing many […] Party @ Underworld 30/11

ELECTROGOTHIC GR PARTY-ΠΑΡΑΣΚΕΥΗ 30 ΝΟΕΜΒΡΙΟΥ@UNDERWORLD CLUB   Την ΠαρασκευÞ, 30 Νοεμβρßου, στο Club Underworld, το ELECTROGOTHIC GR διοργανþνει το πρþτο του πÜρτι!Στα decks θα βρßσκεται ολüκληρη η ομÜδα του ELECTROGOTHIC GR. ΚαλεσμÝνοι οι φßλοι του site και οι λÜτρεις της dark electro μουσικÞς για μια βραδιÜ γεμÜτη:E.B.M.ELECTROSYNTHPOPINDUSTRIALGOTHICDARKWAVEELECTROGOTHIC GRΤο ElectroGothic Gr εßναι Ýνα απü τα ανερχüμενα […]

Amphi Festival – The ORKUS Open Air 2008 / 19. – 20. Juli 2008 – Köln/ Tanzbrunnen

IV. Amphi Festival – The ORKUS Open Air 2008  / 19. – 20. Juli 2008 – Köln/ Tanzbrunnen       neue Bands bestätigt:PROJECT PITCHFORK, THE KLINIK (in Orginalbesetzung – exclusives Konzert imSommer 2008 in Deutschland!), ROTERSAND, NACHTMAHR Gruppenticket 5+1wie zum letzten Amphi Festival 2007 bieten wir unseren Gästen auch diesmal das Gruppenticket 5+1 an – […] VS Bottlenecks – 7 Äåêåìâñßïõ @ Underworld Club

Την Παρασκεýη, 7 Δεκεμβρßου στο Club Underworld, το θα "αναμετρηθεß" με τους Bottlenecks σε Ýνα δυνατü New Wave/Dark Wave/EBM/Industrial Party. Στα decks θα βρßσκονται ο Dj KernelPanic & Dj Silvy απü το και η Dj VaMMpiTreLLA και Dj Tcunamee απü τους Bottlenecks. + Fetish Dancers+ Projections       Το, διοργανþνει μαζß […]

Destroy the music every wednesday at Underworld club

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Enter the ultimate dimension of mid-week clubbing…Enter The Underworld!Aπü την ΤετÜρτη 12 Δεκεμβρßου και κÜθε ΤετÜρτη το Club Underworld  ανοßγει τις πýλες του για να προσφÝρει την απüλυτη λýση στα βρÜδια της ΤετÜρτης.Με Þχους απü new wave, punk, electrowave, hard electro, ebm, industrial και γενικüτερη club διÜθεση, το Destroy the Music,  βγÜζει το clubbing απü […]

Interview with SHNARPH!

SHNARPH! known for their Industrial/techno sounds are going to perform in Athens on the 24th of November with Soman in a much expected show.  With that in mind we contacted them and they answered to some of our questions:

New Wave/Dark Wave/Gothic/Batcave/EBM êÜèå ÄåõôÝñá óôï KABATZA Cafe/Bar

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ΚÜθε ΔευτÝρα απü της 19:00 το απüγευμα και μÝχρι αργÜ το βρÜδυ, Νew Wave/Dark Wave/Gothic/Batcave/EBM στο ΚΑΒΑΤΖΑ Hard Rock Caffe/Bar με τον KernelPanic και την ομÜδα του + Projections+ Special evenings+ Αφιερþματα Την ΔευτÝρα 19/11 στα decks θα βρßσκοντε ο KernelPanic(Αντþνης) και η DominicaChaotica(ΚυριακÞ) με Νew Wave, Post Punk και Gothic διαθÝσεις και projections. […]

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