Year: 2007

Dawn & Dusk Entwined – Septentrion

Dawn & Dusk Entwined begins the collaboration with CMI with an album which is most appropriate dedicated to the Nordic world, imaginary, beauty, not related to the runic current but to the french litterary notion of "Septentrion". Nature as a living entity, apart from any human exploitation, or only seen through the respectful eyes of […]

Suicide Commando and Assemblage 23 Live in Thessaloniki

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Evolution TV show proudly presents after almost 5 years SUICIDE COMMANDO live in Greece and for one only show in Thessaloniki!   Assemblage 23 will perform the same day!!! You guess right…. Assemblage 23 and SUICIDE COMMANDO will share the same stage the same night with special light effects and projector!!! A night that sure […]

December Spookshow, 14/12, @ Club Underworld – Guest DJ ZYNTHEXIA (Finland)

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  FRIDAY 14 DECEMBER AT CLUB UNDERWORLD : SPOOKSHOW SPECIAL GUEST: DJ ZYNTHEXIA (FINLAND) + GEORGE FAKINOS Τα Spookshows εßναι εδþ και αυτü το μÞνα, με Ýνα μοναδικü, διαφορετικü event (üπως και κÜθε μÞνα Üλλωστε): Στις 14 Δεκεμβρßου , καλεσμÝνη του Γιþργου Φακßνου εßναι η Dj Zynthexia απü το Tampere της Φινλανδßας. Πρüκειται για μßα […]

popKillers party @ decadence club – 7/12/2007

ΠΑΡΑΣΚΕΥΗ 7 ΔΕΚΕΜΒΡΙΟΥ DOWN DECADENCE   Την ΠαρασκευÞ 7 Δεκεμβρßου, η ομÜδα PoPKiLLeRs καταλαμβÜνει τα deck του Club Decadence. ¸να ebm / industrial πÜρτυ γεμÜτο με μουσικÝς που θα καλýψουν üλο το φÜσμα της ‘’σκοτεινÞς’’ ηλεκτρονικÞς μουσικÞς σκηνÞς απü το χτες μÝχρι το σÞμερα.   ΕνδεικτικÜ ακοýσματα:   Feindflug, KIEW, Xotox , DAF,  Rotersand, :Wumpscut, […]

New Year’s Eve @ club Dark Sun – The Most Embarrassing E-Pop Party Ever!

Την ΔευτÝρα 31 Δεκεμβρßου, παραμονÞ πρωτοχρονιÜς, στο Dark Sun θα λÜβει χþρα το "most embarrassing e-pop party ever"! ΞεχÜστε τους Bauhaus, τους Skinny Puppy, τους Sound, τον Nick Cave και τους λοιποýς "καταραμÝνους" αγαπημÝνους μας και αφεθεßτε για την τελευταßα νýχτα του χρüνου στους madonna, duran duran, vas vas, sex pistols, bon jovi, sandra, modern […]

Run Level Zero – Arctic Noise

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Following their excellent digital-only single released on Artoffact in November 2007, Run Level Zero present their new album Arctic Noise. The album features 12 tracks of stomping and romping industrial dance as well as a slick 12-page booklet. There's even a reference to Rational Youth (hi Tracy!). We will have more information and mp3 samples […]

Wrapped In Plastic presents: Alice In Synthetic Wonderland

Η ομÜδα Wrapped In Plastic θα κατÝβει για 2η φορÜ τα σκαλιÜ του Skull αλλÜ αυτÞ τη φορÜ θα Ýχουν και παρÝα! Μαζß με τους George P, Lady Malice F και Lucretia (, θα βυθιστοýν στην παραμορφωμÝνη χþρα των θαυμÜτων και η Αλßκη θα εßναι ο οδηγüς τους. Wicked Installations, Distorted Projections, Abstract Neon Lights […]

moby – last night

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moby will release his sixth studio album last night on 10th march 2008.the album was recorded in moby's home studio in manhattan ny andfeatures a number of guest vocalists and includes the original 70's mcgrandmaster caz one of the writers of rappers delight, sylvia from kudu,the uk's mc aynzli and the nigerian 419 squad.


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From the opening synths and distortions of the opening track, Individual Totem’s new album Mothfly announces itself as crucial, difficult, cerebral, and… industrial. What do you do with a new single whose dance beat comes in at the 2-minute mark? If you’re a label, you run away. If you really like industrial music, on the […]

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