Year: 2003

Bile – Sex Reflex

Grinding guitars! Defeaning noize! Crushing beats! Screaming vocals! Distortions run rampant as the signature Bile sound sinks to the depths of hell and makes a new home in the bowels of the Devil himself.

V/A – Futronik Structures vol.4

The DSBP “electro-industrial” compilation series has reached vol. 4! This new comp. includes all new and exclusive, and remixed tracks from… E.S.R., ODIO VITA, UV, RUN LEVEL ZERO, CROC SHOP, SYSTEM SYN (IMPERATIVE REACTION remix), SEVERE ILLUSION, TYPE001, ANDRACULOID, GLIS(DIGITAL FACTOR remix), LIQUEFACTION, DIVERJE (CLARENCE BODDICKER remix), IWR, FREQUENCY CONSTRUCT, RE-AGENT, and NEIKKA RPM

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