Year: 2003

9-track EP for Agonoize

BLC Productions rings in the new year with a 9-track MCD from the Berlin floor-smashers Agonoize. Apart from the lead track “Paranoid Destruction” the EP features remixes from industrial power-brokers S.I.T.D., PSI Corp., Lohen & Lomax and others.

New release for Black Tape for a Blue Girl

Black Tape for a Blue Girl are busy recording some brand new material that should be out in the first half of 2004. In a post to Side-Line the band’s frontman Sam Rosenthal says: “I have been making progress in the studio, focusing on four or five songs I expect to release as a limited […]

Dismantled vs. Doom 3

An interesting tidbit for the videogame freaks: Track 3 on the newest Dismantled “Exit” single, namely “Shift” (Remix By Feed), is the work of none other than Christian Antkow from ID Software, who is currently hard at work on the first-person shooter “Doom 3”.

–= Colony 5 – Colonisation =–

Colony 5 have become the biggest discovery on the Swedish Memento Materia label since synthpop / electro pioneers Mesh and Covenant. Now gathered together for the first time ”Colonisation” represents an outstanding collection of Colony 5 hits, B-Sides and EXCLUSIVE bonus songs, and ALSO contains the brand new tracks ”Accelerate”, ”Fate” and ”Science”. ”Colonisation” is […]


After the successful SPEED TRIBE dvd project and to culminate the release of the M.or.F trilogy throughout 2002 and 2003 with “Recalled Moments”, “And Failed Destruction” and “Invented Scenes/Naked”, and The Pavement have produced MALE OR FEMALE’s DVD+CD album entitled “Primitive reflections twisted from sound”, a 5.1 surround sound release. Featuring 26 all-new surround […]

–= New Human League released by fan =–

The newest Human League studio record “Secrets” has been out for 18 months but will have it’s second single released now. The delay was due to the collapse of Papillon Records (UK) soon after the release of lead single “All I Ever Wanted” and the band had to go it alone on promoting their new […]

–= Carl Finlow – Electrilogy plus =–

Another landmark album of essential electronic music from UK ( Manchester ) native Carl Finlow. The pedigree of music spread across the 12 timeless tracks on this killer album is snapped clearly into focus when you realise that Mr.Finlow served as support act to KRAFTWERK ( a real rarity ) when they performed a series […]

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