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Futurisk – Player Piano Vinyl LP

Minimal Wave presents the long awaited 30th anniversary release by Futurisk. Originally from Florida, Futurisk was a pioneering electro-punk group that recorded and performed in the pre-midi era of the early ’80s. They had two vinyl releases that sold out : The Sound Of Futurism 1980 / Army Now and the Player Piano EP. They […]

V.A. – Amphi Festival 2010 Compilation

German label Out of Line Music will release a compilation promoting this year’s Amphi Festival on July 23. The compilation features numerous artists appearing at Amphi Festival 2010. The festival takes place July 24-25 in Germany, and tickets are already sold out. It has become an absolute must-go for the global dark alternative music scene […]

Dead When I Found Her – Harm’s Way

Dead When I Found Her  is the studio project of Portland, Oregon’s Michael Arthur Holloway, a professional electronic musician and producer who sites Skinny Puppy, Haujobb, Mentallo & the Fixer, Forma Tadre, Doubting Thomas, amongst other pioneering industrial artists as influences. Tracks from the debut album Harm’s Way have been the talk of music forums […]

Spiritual Front – Rotten Roma Casino

SPIRITUAL FRONT mastermind Simone Salvatori has become famous for his minimalist, artful way of creating songs that made him even the centre of an entire pop movement and when on 24th September the new album ‘Rotten Roma Casino’ will be released, it’s going to be much more to the fans of “Nihilistic Suicide Pop” than […]

Pink Turns Blue – Storm

Things that take such a long time need to be good, or? At least that is the opinion of the band and they have after all decided to put the best 10 songs onto a CD called Storm and to make it available to the public via Strobelight Records. It’s only a few weeks from […]

Morbus M. – Forget The Past

In Hands Paper Pack! René Klimaczweski aka Morbus M. presents dark, forceful and threading electronica tracks and in some subtle ways also a very hypnotic and attracting album. On one hand his tracks have an intense atmosphere, on the other hand there is always a groove or a repetitive structure. Industrial trip hop rhythms and […]

V.A. Forms Of Hands 10

This label compilation was released for the 10th anniversary of the FORMS OF HANDS Festival and is a great collection of rhythm’n’noise, idm and electronica tracks. You will get an exclusive studio track of all performing artists. Beside well-known acts like Orphx, Mono No Aware, Xabec, Geistform, Nullvektor, S.K.E.T., From Syntech To Greyhound and Heimstatt […]

The Cure – Disintegration Deluxe Edition 3 cd

Robert Smith curates reissue of The Cure’s dark masterpiece as a three-disc deluxe edition that includes a remastered version of the original, plus unreleased songs, demos, outtakes and live performances. Despite early concerns that it was too gloomy for radio airplay, The Cure’s eighth studio album, Disintegration, quickly became the group’s most successful. Spurred by […]

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