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Siva Six New Album – The Twin Moons

Following their successful dark “Black Will” album and its club-invader remix extension “Flesh And Will Resurrected”, the apocalyptic Greek duo SIVA SIX opens today a new mysterious sonic gate with their much anticipated new studio album, “The Twin Moons” to be released in June 2011 by Alfa Matrix. The fruit of two intense and laborious […]

Covenant – Modern Ruin

“Modern Ruin” is the latest chapter in COVENANT’s epic adventure in time and space. A band that has consistently made references to being in motion, physical and mental travel, exploration of the hidden and the unknown. And again they have wondrous tales to tell us. Imagine a broken escalator coming up through the underbrush of […]

Ikon – Torn Apart

IKON release the fourth single from their critically acclaimed latest album. Shaking off the limitations of contemporary dark alternative formulas, “Torn Apart” embraces melody and melancholy to produce an emotional and original ballad. The limited edition digipak includes a bonus six-track remix disc, featuring a mix by leading dance music guru DARREN GLEN, which reinterprets […]

Blutengel – Tränenherz

BLUTENGEL’s vampire pop has grown up. The enchanting fantasy worlds that the Berlin-based dark dandies are famous for conjuring up have grown a great deal more personal on their new release “Tränenherz”. Thus sufficiently grounded, the stirring, catchy and pompous electropop epics that dark and sonorous charmer Chris Pohl and his group have penned evolve […]

Raggedy Angry – How I Learned To Love Our Robot Overlords

Raggedy Angry’s new album, How I Learned to Love Our Robot Overlords, is the band’s first release on Vancouver-based industrial/alternative label Synthetic Sounds in North America and Danse Macabre Records in Europe. It finds the Toronto-based electro-rock quintet narrowing in on a sound that started developing on the previous album, Pestilence: synth-heavy, raw and aggressive, […]

Culture Kultur – Spirit

“Culture Kultür” are frontman Salva Maine, Josua at the keyboards and programming and since 2005, also Distortiogirl at the live keyboards. The band was born in 1992 in Malaga, Southern Spain, evolving from a EBM style with distorted voices to a more electro sound with energetic beats, melodic synths and complex lyrics boosted by powerful […]

Attrition – Dreamtime Collectors

Formed in 1980 in Coventry, England and influenced by a mix of punk ideology and experimental art aesthetics, Attrition is considered a pioneering act in the world of dark electronica. Emerging as part of the early UK Industrial scene, founder Martin Bowes has steered the band through a thirty year career fuelled by a succession […]

16Pad Noise Terrorist – Utopia

New project by S.K.E.T. member Candy Schlüer! With his first album, he hits directly to the center of the dark drum’n’bass genre. A quite diverse blend of club tracks in a wide range from highspeed hardcore tunes to slow-steady tracks. In total they all have a quite unique symbiosis of melodic sounds, industrialized sounds, forceful […]

Das Präparat – Unschuldsblicke

The project «Das Präparat» has been given birth by Dr Hyde in 2001. The album «THX LD50» proved their will of independent development departing from their beginning with Welle:Erdball. The new album «Unschuldsblick» – due to be released on July 2nd – impressively demonstrates the maturation of the project by finding its own distinct style. […]

Code 64-Trialogue

Finally one of the most requested/wanted albums for 2010 is here. Code 64 “Trialogue”. Bjørn Marius Borg, Christian Espeland and Hans-Olof Mattsson more know to the world as the Swedish/Norwegian trio CODE 64 are finally back with their longawaited new album “Trialogue”. After the departure of the old singer Henrik Piehl (shortly after their last […]

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