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Hocico – Los Dias Caminando en el Fuego

    Review 20 years of walking through fire! 20 years of raising voices to bark against all the shit in the world! 20 years of unique and fat electro sounds! “Los Días Caminando en el Fuego” celebrates a band that has single-handedly set a new benchmark when it comes to hard electro sounds and […]

Asp – Maskenhaft [Limited First Edition]

    Review We all wear masks… (do we?) ASP are an unfathomable phenomenon on the German music scene. For years now they have beenunresting, with blazing passion, constantly winning themselves an ever-larger audience far beyond any scene boundaries. At the same time they remain true to themselves and their music and regularly manage to […]

Apoptygma Berzerk – Major Tom EP

    Review After far too long a time APB are finally about to release new material! And if an EP does not sound like enough for you, be informed that APB mastermind Stephan Groth is working on a new album. Originally planned as a ‘digital download only’ release on the band’s own label Hard:Drive, […]

VNV Nation – Transnational

    Review VNV NATION have climbed to great heights, in recent years, earning themselves a place among the top names in alternative (electronic) music. Their last album “Automatic” (2011) reached #8 in the official German Album Charts and was followed by sold out shows throughout Germany, Europe and Northern America.

Covenant – Leaving Babylon

    Review With 2011’s “Modern Ruin” still a fresh memory, COVENANT are already back with a brilliant follow-up, entitled “Leaving Babylon”. Since we last heard from them, Daniel Myer has left the band to focus on his own projects (HAUJOBB, ARCHITECT, DESTROID), so the line-up is now Eskil Simonsson, Joakim Montelius and Daniel Jonasson […]

VNV Nation – Automatic

With their unique and formidable ability to combine very melodic, danceable electronics with haunting and powerful lyrics, electronic rock pioneers VNV NATION have built up an enormous fanbase, playing to hundreds of thousands of fans at both their own sold-out shows and major festivals worldwide. Their massive hits “Chrome”, “Beloved” and “Illusion” are club staples […]

Haujobb – New World March

Eight years after their last release, legendary electronic project HAUJOBB’s new album “New World March” is finally about to see the light of day! Of course expectations are incredibly high – not least because of the previously released single “Dead Market”, which made it into the top three of the German Alternative Charts, as well […]

Diary Of Dreams – Ego:X

The wait for the all-new album from DIARY OF DREAMS is finally over! The German gothic/darkwave group began in the late 80s as the side-project of singer/songwriter Adrian Hates, who at the time was a member of the similarly-minded band GARDEN OF DELIGHT. Hates collaborated with guitarist Alistair Kane on DIARY OF DREAMS’ first album, […]

Angelspit – Hello My Name Is…

“Glamour is made of a substance called ‘incredibly hard f*cking work’”- ANGELSPIT. For ANGELSPIT, nothing can be truer. Since 2004, they have been one of electronic music’s most prolific acts, thrilling audiences the world over with their concoction of industrial-strength guitar riffs, clever hooks and pathologically disturbed synths. “Hello My Name Is…” shows the band […]

Asp – Fremd

ASP’s new album is a uniquely intensified blend of all the essential elements which have made ASP what they are today: the foremost German gothic rock project. Asp Spreng, singer, composer, lyricist, and the heart and mind behind the project, takes the listener by the hand in the manner of a mysterious stranger and leads […]

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