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CHANT InterView: Spreading Wings of Adoration

Life on the road isn’t easy for a working drummer in the industrial scene – just ask Bradley Bills of CHANT… in fact, that’s what Dawn Woodkill has done, allowing us into his world of percussive and musical pursuits.

An InterView with Bradley Bills of CHANT

By Dawn Wood (DWoodkillMW)
CHANT – the tribal-infused apocalyptic drum project created […]

Clint Carney InterView: Never Letting the Blood or Paint Dry

Artist, musician, filmmaker, prop maker… Clint Carney is a man of many talents, all extensions of his grotesque fascinations and darkly horrific imagination, never once letting the blood or the paint dry.

An InterView with Clint Carney

By Brian H. McLelland (BMcLelland)
Clint Carney is an incredibly busy guy – a multi-talented dabbler in the dark arts, Carney […]

Carbon Based Lifeforms InterView: A Psybient Journey

ReGen‘s Brian H. McLelland speaks with Carbon Based Lifeforms on the creation of the duo’s fifth album, first music video, live performances, and blending and transcending electronic genres to take listeners on a psybient journey.

An InterView with Johannes Hedberg and Daniel Segerstad of Carbon Based Lifeforms

By Brian H. McLelland (BMcLelland)
For 21 years, Carbon Based Lifeforms, […]

The Clay People InterView: Conquering the Colossus

Back from the brink of self destruction, The Clay People seems finally poised to return with a new album as vocalist Daniel Neet tells ReGen about his battle with addiction and the band’s evolution into a tight-knit alternative industrial/metal unit.

An InterView with Daniel Neet of The Clay People

By Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)
[See image gallery at […]

16volt InterView: Defiant to the End

Returning to its machine/rock roots for the Dead On Arrivals EP, 16volt injects some fresh and virulent oil into its sound, full of anger and defiance as only this band can deliver.

An InterView with Eric Powell and Steve Hickey of 16volt

By Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)
Never a band to fall victim to predictability or staleness, 16volt continues […]

Evil Engine InterView: NO LOVE SONGS!

Evil Engine’s Mike Skull speaks about the prominent Chicago punk rock band’s history and creative output, showcasing a band on a righteous and angry path.

An InterView with Mike Skull of Evil Engine

By Will Sanchez (WillSuperior)
Evil Engine is Chicago angry punk rock at its finest. Formed in 2016 by seasoned musicians Kryssie Crisis, Jamie Booth, Collin […]

∆AIMON InterView: Keeping It Weird

Ever devoted to expanding musical and sonic horizons to defy categorical conventions, ∆AIMON speaks with ReGen prior to the band’s second appearance at the Chicago ColdWaves.

An InterView with Brant Showers of ∆AIMON

By Will Sanchez (WillSuperior)
Since emerging on the scene with the Amen EP in 2011, ∆AIMON has risen to the upper echelon of today’s underground […]

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