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Euringer InterView: Achievement Unlocked

James Euringer – a.k.a. Jimmy Urine – speaks with ReGen‘s Brian McLelland about his latest album, the self-titled Euringer, in which all his production and songwriting skills are cranked up to 11.

An InterView with James Euringer

By Brian H. McLelland (BMcLelland)
By whatever name he feels appropriate for the music, James Euringer is a rather talented individual. […]

Gitane Demone Quartet InterView: Drive-Bys, Cassettes, and the Gothic Comeback

In a special contribution to ReGen Magazine, Michael Mitchell speaks to the four members of the Gitane Demone Quartet about the band’s latest album, a progressive and experimental tour-de-force.

An InterView with Gitane Demone, Rikk Agnew, Deb Venom & Paul Roessler of the Gitane Demone Quartet

By Michael Mitchell (MMitchell)
Gitane Demone isn’t a household name, but with […]

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