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Combichrist – EveryBody Hates You


Well, I do not know what kind of words I should use in order to describe what I feel about the person behind Icon of Coil, Combichrist and Panzer Ag, Andy LaPlegua. I am not sure how this guy manages to have at his possession 3 projects at the same time and actually release masterpieces […]

Untoten – Vampire Book (Sonio Malado Records)


Untoten play darkwave/electro music. Greta Csatlos looks like a Model and sings like Zahra leander on speed!  This is definitely one of the most interesting and varied pieces of music I have come across in a long time! On the one hand there is the typical ambient this unique band emerging from Berlin's crypts creates […]

Dither – Urei


"Urei" is the fifth CD, and third studio album for Dither, a french musician coming from the Noise Museum / Alice in Wonder family. If "Apogee", the only other album from Dither that I know, was pleasant but had left me with the feeling that it could have been better, "Urei" shows a real progress. […]

:SITD: – Coded Message 12


SITD came as a great surprise to all of us few years ago when they released their debut album Stronghold. A fantastic work to say the least, forced many of us to set high standards for their new second album. More than two years passed and SITD are back with their brand new Cd Coded […]

Ophelia’s Garden – Loveternal


Loveternal is Ophelia's Garden's second album. The recordings lasted almost a year [June 1999 till May 2000]. As O.G. have said, "Loveternal is a very carefully selected unity. Different experiences from the past, the present and [why not?] the future, all joined together with the love of eternity and eternal love…" Loveternal is divided in […]

Beefcake – Hote EP


The German experimental Electronica duo Beefcake are back with this new EP entitled "Hôte". The EP contains four new original songs (entitled "Hôte 1", "Hôte 2" and so on) and one remix version of each one of them, made by Displacer, Electronicat, Dither and Venetian Snares. There is also one bonus remix track by Zoviet […]

Decoded Feedback – Combustion

decoded feedback

Decoded Feedback was always one of my top favourite bands, though I could never understand why people are not that familiar with them or why clubs do not prefer their songs. Objectively, Decoded Feedback is original, powerful, melodic and aggressive at the same time and to my opinion one of the best bands of the […]

Second Lass – Try To Paint A Fitful Love


This Italian gothic rock band has managed to create a very interesting album. "Try to paint a fitful love", is the title of the album. First of all I would like to point the very nice cover of the album. In my opinion the artwork of an album is very important and it should be […]

Displacer – Moon_Phase


From Toronto, Canada, signed to the French electronic label M-tronic, home to such artists such as Mlada Fronta and Dither, Displacer delivers intelligent, dark melodies, full of rich soundscapes and enchanting electronics. The softer tracks remind me of Boards of Canada but let’s leave it at that, because there is so much else here. Some […]

Foetus – Love


Mr Thirlwell is back with a new, quite painful release. Most industrial purists disagree with his enthronement in their cold, heavy pantheon but most of these guys never heard of  Monte Cazazza. Glad I got that out of my system.Back to the record. Considering  myself an industrial purist and a great fan of his work […]

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