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G-Nox – Ventre


Built as a single sonic event, Gerome Nox's "Ventre" unfolds like a weatherman's nightmare. It's like getting caught in an isolation tank with a box full of howling air. Cut off from any sensory input from the external world, all you can hear is the wind; all that invades your head are the sounds which […]

The Flowers Of Romance – Pleasure And The Pain


The Flowers Of Romance were one of the bands that refreshed the greek gothic scene in the 90's without doubt. From their first LP "Dorian Grey" in 1990 to their last "Brilliant Mistakes" in 1997 (produced by The Mission's leader, Wayne Hussey) the singer Mike Pougounas and his company did nothing but composing gothic music […]

The Loveless – Star Rover (Euphonius Records)

the loveless

Here we have a brand new goth band form Denmark. Its 3 members have been for a long time to the dark side of music as they were members of doom-deathsters SAturnus in the past. After they have left SAturnus for personal reassons, they decided to start something new together, so The Loveless was born. […]

Lethargy – In-Macula (Black Flames Records)


Electronica has spread its haunted melodies all over the world. In almost every country we can find an interesting band that has something good to offer. “In every town there is someone creating at time, in every town there is someone beating a song” the bands points in one of the song.   At that […]

South Of No North – Rajah


South Of No North was probably the best greek gothic rock act in the legendary 80's decade (along with Yell-O-Yell and Forward Music Quintet, in my opinion). When the 80's deacade ended they had already released three great LP's ("Lacrimae Christi" and "Fell Frozen" under Creep Records, and "South Of No North" under Wipe Out). […]

Floodland – Decay (Napalm Records)


To tell you the truth I have not heard anything about this band in the past, although I found their new CD called "Decay" very interesting. It contains 10 tracks and someone can understands from the first hearring that the band plays pure gothic rock with soft electronic touches. The CD is divided into two […]

Stin Scatzor – Industrogression (Black Flames Records)


Lets get harder. Well I suppose all the industrial freaks out there would probably know Stin Scatzor. They have already released two albums and now they strike back with their new masterpiece. Well the title is descriptive enough for anyone who still has not understood the musical forms of the band. Industrial at its best […]

Volcano The Bear – Yak Folks Y’Are EP


This is the very first VTB's official album after several demo tapes. What we have to do with here? Of course, nothing but pure experimental gothic music, with a strong dada-istic feeling. Aaron Moore, Daniel Padden, Nick Mott and Laurence Coleman made six tracks, dark and colourful in their own way each one. After "Yak […]

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