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‘Click Interview’ with Metroland: ‘We Are Who We Are And Create A Sonic Pallet The Way We Want It’

The Belgian Metroland duo is active for several years now and can look back at a successful discography. They actually released their fourth full length album “Men In A Frame” (Alfa Matrix) while they also released an impressive number of EP’s and even a massive 4CD-box compilation. The debut album “Mind The Gap” became an instant success and the popularity of Metroland should only increase after each new work. Metroland deals with electro-pop, which I personally define as ‘Kraftwerk-pop’, which also indicates what you might expect when listening to their songs. Passenger S and Passenger A took time answering a few questions about their new work. (Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: “Men In A Frame” is your fourth full length album since the successful debut opus “Mind The Gap”. I experienced this new opus as more experimental-like and maybe as the most personal one when it comes to ‘sound’. What do you think about it and what has been the main focus when writing this new album? ML: It is a fact that after a while you develop your own identity, but we still do whatever we like to do, and create sounds like we feel. We invested a lot […]

Rhys Fulber InterView: Sustainability in All Forms

Rhys Fulber, one of the electronic and industrial scene’s most revered figures, speaks with ReGen about his new solo material and his upcoming appearances at this year’s ColdWaves.

An InterView with Rhys Fulber

By Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)
With more than three decades of experience, Rhys Fulber is one of today’s more well respected and revolutionary musicians. Perhaps best […]

Valerie Renay to release full-length solo album debut

Valerie Renay – also of indie/electro act Noblesse Oblige – will release her first solo album, Your Own Shadow, on September 7. Renay explains that the title refers to “the feeling you have when you don’t recognise yourself anymore because you are made to feel small, insignificant, empty, and lost.” The album was born during […]

Author & Punisher to release sixth album via Relapse Records, announces live dates

Author & Punisher, the visionary industrial/metal project of Tristan Shone, has announced the release of his sixth full-length record, Beastland. Marking the artist’s first album on Relapse Records, Beastland follows up on the artist’s independently released 2017 EP Pressure Mine, and the critically acclaimed Melk en Honing album released in 2015 via Housecore Records. Behind […]

Cyber Monday interview: ‘I still label myself as a bit of a bedroom producer’

Out now is “Store Debit”, the second album by the one-man project Cyber Monday, a UK synthpop project incorporating EDM elements in its sound. Signed to Pink Dolphin Records, you’ll find influences on his work including Erasure, Soft Cell, Human League, Depeche Mode and more modern artists such as FrankMusik, Client, Marsheaux or The Modern. We sat down with Cyber Monday for an interview. SL: What brought you to do electropop? CM: Because I was bought up with my parents listening to Human League in the car, Soft Cell on the radio, etc the music genre became part of me. I started composing music on my synthesizer in my bedroom from the age of around 6 and I used to record it on a cassette player. I then started producing music on the Amiga in my bedroom around the age of 8, and it carried on from there. SL: What is your background in music, any previous bands you were in? CM: I was unsigned for 10 years before I was signed. It was a difficult battle to find the right label but eventually I found the right one. They fully support me in everything I do and enhance the […]

Synth Witch InterView: Non Binary Modular Witchcraft

With an upcoming appearance at PIGFest 3.0, Dawn Woodkill speaks with Julia Marie More of Synth Witch.

An InterView with Julia Marie More of Synth Witch

By Dawn Wood (DWoodkillMW)
[See image gallery at] Synth Witch is Portland’s instrumental, bouncy, synthscape band with a colorful array of beautiful textures and ’80s-esque sounds that would sound fantastic […]

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