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Brand new album from the Belgian electro gothmetal act Lovelorn Dolls out now

“Darker ages”, the newest album from the Brussels based electronic goth metal duo Lovelorn Dolls and their 3rd so far, is out now. It’s the first new LP since “Japanese Robot Invasion” which was released over 3 years ago and was engineered once again by Maxx of Helalyn Flowers. The album has been released as a download (available now on Bandcamp), a regular CD (available here) but also as a limited edition with a 12-track bonus disc (available here) starting with a very personal cover of Nine Inch Nails‘ “Hurt” plus various remixes of album songs. Note that all physical orders via the band’s label Alfa Matrix will also get the free CD compilation “Sounds from the matrix 019”. You can expect a very mature release, proven already by the first 2 tracks which are available as you can hear below. You can check out the tracks below! Darker ages (Bonus Tracks Version) by LOVELORN DOLLS

The Soft Moon releases new album + tourdates

“Criminal” is the fourth studio album of The Soft Moon, containing 10 tracks, which is released on 2nd of February 2018 and can be ordered here. Luis Vasquez (originally from Oakland but nowadays based in Berlin) is the multi-instrumentalist and singer behind this post-punk/darkwave project. The new album describes Luis going to war with himself through confession and finds him battling with shame, guilt, his own sanity, self-hatred, insecurity and self-entitlement. He reveals his feelings from his violent childhood which makes “Criminal” a self-reflective album, released to find relief for his own wrongdoings and for those done by others that have affected him. Tracklist: 01. Burn 02. Choke 03. Give Something 04. Like a Father 05. The Pain 06. It Kills 07. ILL 08. Young 09. Born Into This 10. Criminal Tourdates: 02 Feb 2018 One of a Million Festival – Baden, Switzerland 03 Feb 2018 C.S. Rivolta (record release party) – Marghera, Italy 06 Feb 2018 Pumpehuset – Copenhagen, Denmark 07 Feb 2018 Pustervik – Gothenburg, Sweden 08 Feb 2018 Slaktkyrkan – Stockholm, Sweden 09 Feb 2018 Bla – Oslo, Norway 10 Feb 2018 Grauzone festival – The Hague, Netherlands 11 Feb 2018 Urban Spree – Berlin, Germany *SOLD […]

‘Click Interview’ with Xenturion Prime: ‘We’re More Interested In Evolving As A Band Than To Stay ‘Pure’

Bjørn Marius Borg and Hasse Mattsson were previously involved with Code 64. They in 2013 set up a new formation called Xenturion Prime and rapidly released a debut EP entitled “Rise” on Progress Productions. They next went on releasing the debut album “Mecha Rising” in 2014. The Swedish duo finally became a trio for their newest opus released in 2017 entitled “Humanity Plus”. This is a noticeable and artistic piece of space-like electro-pop music mixed with some EBM elements and cinematographic passages. It definitely was one of the most creative- and simply best electronic albums from 2017. (Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: What do you keep in mind from your involvement with Code 64 and how did the move happened towards this new band? Xenturion Prime: Xenturion Prime is in many ways a continuation of the vision we had for Code 64, but it didn’t feel right to keep that name as it was just one of the original members (Hasse) who left. The positive thing about starting with a fresh, new band name back in 2013 was that we could revamp the sound completely and just be creative. But if you listen to the last Code 64 single […]

New Junksista album and download single available now – here is your reduction code

Officially out today is the brand new Junksista album “Promiscuous Tendencies”. The LP is the follow-up to the band’s 2014 album “High Voltage Confessions” and offers 12 brand new songs, on the regular CD edition that is. On the bonus disc of the deluxe edition you get some 12 bonus tracks on top. Available now on Bandcamp and via the Alfa Matrix webstore for the CD and 2CD sets. Do you use the discount code sideline2518 to get a 25% discount on Bandcamp. On the album the duo, Diana S. and Boog, continues to venture into their well received mix of club anthems, melancholic electro-pop songs, funky electro tunes and ballads. The band worked with several artists on this new album, amongst them LayZee (Mr. President), the international Eurodance superstar of the 90s, best known for the hit single “Coco Jamboo”, Noemie Aurora (Helalyn Flowers), Emke (Black Nail Cabaret) and Erlend Eilersten (Essence Of Mind). But that’s not all. Out as well now is the 4-track download single “Fuck for Love” which you can download right now from Bandcamp. And again, do you use the discount code sideline2518 to get a 25% discount. Next to the title track you get the […]

Side-Line readers say ‘F**k off’ to Facebook’s newest page reach killing

Update: For your info, just for the joke of it we planned to promote this article heavily on Facebook using a sponsored post… but guess what:  Facebook refused to accept the promotion. The new page reach scam by Facebook (you can read all about it in this article: ‘Facebook has officially killed page reach‘) is not very well received by page admins and followers of those pages. But there is some good news, you can go around their ‘ban’, something which we explain below. For those who still doubt, at Side-Line we did a poll on Facebook (polls are not that limited in reach, for now that is) where we asked the following: “Facebook wants to charge Side-Line Magazine 870 Euro per post update so we can reach the 52.000 people following the page… What do you think?”. You could choose between a) Fuck Off Facebook or b) Yeah, cool!. The results so far: a 96% fuck off to Facebook and 4% who have a liking for Britney Spears (totally understandable of course). In case you still want to cast your vote as well: And now the good news, in order to keep on getting our news in your newsfeed, […]

Klaus Schulze to release new album on SPV/Oblivion

Influential and prolific electronic music pioneer Klaus Schulze has announced his latest studio album, Silhouettes, will be released in May, 2018. The innovative 70-year-old composer, musician, and producer describes the work as a “reduction to the essential things” influenced by his own retreat into the quiet and meditative during recent health issues. Schulze explains that […]

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