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VNV Nation – Noire

VNV Nation blends poetic, thoughtful lyrics with a vast repertoire of melodic dance beats and anthemic electronic, haunting ballads and post-classical soundtrack pieces. ‘Noire’ is a cinematic exploration of contrast, dark and light. From the dark, ominous ‘A Million’ to the pounding, symphonic ‘All Our Sins’, to the bright melodies of ‘When Is the Future’ and ‘œGod of All’, ‘Noire’ is a stunning work of art.

Bells into Machines InterView: Zero Soldiers, Zero Conflicts

Brian Diemar and Toby Wright now speak with ReGen about the formation and history of Bells into Machines, one of the alternative and industrial scene’s most eagerly anticipated groups.

An InterView with Brian Diemar and Toby Wright of Bells into Machines

By Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)
When Bells into Machines was first formed in 2013, few could have predicted […]

Triptykon to perform full orchestral rendition of Celtic Frost Requiem at Roadburn Festival 2019

Triptykon, the dark metal band helmed by Tom Gabriel Warrior, will be performing a full orchestral rendition of the complete Requiem at the Roadburn Festival 2019. With the orchestration congregated by esteemed classical arranger Florian Magnus Maier and funding and resources provided by Roadburn founder Walter Hoeijmakers, this marks the first occasion in which Warrior’s […]

Front Line Assembly to release new single featuring Robert Görl of D.A.F. – here’s a preview

Front Line Assembly returns with the release of their new single “Eye On You”, taken from the forthcoming album “Wake Up The Coma” coming in early 2019. The single will feature Robert Görl of the pioneering German band D.A.F. along with remixes from Terence Fixmer and Orphx. The single will be released by Metropolis on November 16th. Here’s how the song sounds like. The video below was filmed in Gothenburg on August 24 at Sticky Fingers. Switch Leeb’s vocals with that of Görl’s and you kinda get the idea.

a-ha to perform debut album ‘Hunting High And Low’ in full during 2019 tour

a-ha will embark on an October and November 2019 tour where the trio (Magne Furuholmen, Morten Harket and Pål Waaktaar-Savoy) will be performing in ‘An Evening With’ format, with an interval. For the first half of the concert, they will play new and old, familiar and less-familiar songs. Then, after returning to the stage, they will play the ten songs of their 1985 debut album “Hunting High And Low” in the running order of the original release. Back in October 2010, a-ha had played the whole of “Hunting High And Low” just twice (quite an unforgettable event we must say), first at Oslo’s Konserthus and then at London’s Royal Albert Hall (from where we reported live back then). The tour is timed to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the release of the original version of “Take On Me” – issued in the UK on 19 October 1984 to reputed sales of just 300 copies. The re-recorded “Take On Me” was released in Britain during April 1985 to little fanfare, and in America that May where it hit big after its striking promotional video was seen on TV. It was reissued in the UK that September and, finally, the British hit […]

Death In June to release 1st album in 8 years: ‘Essence!’ – also available on vinyl

After eight years, a brand new Death In June album is headed your way. The album is available on CD (available here) and on vinyl (available here). Surprising news as in 2017, Douglas P. claimed he would be retiring from live performances, perhaps putting an end to the project. Here’s an album teaser: Death in June are a neofolk group led by English folk musician Douglas Pearce, better known as Douglas P. The band was originally formed in Britain in 1981 as a trio, but after the other members left in 1984 and 1985 to work on other projects, the group became the work of Douglas P. and various collaborators. Over the band’s three decades of existence, they have made numerous shifts in style and presentation, resulting in an overall shift from initial post-punk and Industrial Records influence to a more acoustic and folk music-oriented approach. They are sometimes considered controversial (largely due to usage of themes and imagery relating to Nazi Germany). Douglas P.’s influence was instrumental in sparking neofolk, of which his music has subsequently become a part.

5 duo-tickets to win via Side-Line for Sinner’s Day Festival (December 1, 2018)

On Saturday December 1st the Limburghal (Jaarbeurslaan 6) in Genk (BE) will host the 5th edition of the Sinner’s Day Festival. The following artists are featured in the line-up: MC50, John Cale, Gang Of Four, GBH, Cabaret Voltaire, Fischer Z, Claw Boys Claw, Wolfgang Flür (ex-Kraftwerk). There’s also a Belgian stage featuring: Vive La Fête, Whispering Sons, Cocaine Piss, Red Zebra, Funeral Dress, De Brassers, O Veux and Marcel Vanthilt. The music on the afterparty will be provided by Side-Line collaborator DJ Wildhoney. Tickets can be found at And here’s the good news, we have 5 duo-tickets to give away via Side-Line! Enter the contest below, we’ll be picking 5 lucky winners by the end of next week and inform them personally!

Paradox Obscur release video for new song ‘Afterlife Effect’

Out now is a brand new video for the synth duo Paradox Obscur: “Afterlife Effect”. On this track the duo is again using real hardware synthesizers and drum machines setting them apart from many other synth based projects. You can watch the video below: Paradox Obscur were formed in January 2014 by Toxic Razor and Kriistal Ann in order to step into a more minimal direction than their previous projects. Their debut album was published by Peripheral Minimal (UK) in June 2014 and was followed by the 4-track “Noir” EP in the same year. A second album entitled “Anacrusis” was released in November 2015 again on Peripheral Minimal, with the band recording the “Atrapos” EP and self-releasing it in July 2016. The band is currently signed with Young & Cold Records (DE) and has released a new third album entitled “Artifact”.

Ash Code – Perspektive

Ash Code is an Italian Dark Wave band that masterfully blends influences, ranging from early Depeche Mode, The Sisters of Mercy to post-punk, Synthpop, coldwave, & EBM. On the critically-acclaimed album ‘Perspektive’, Ash Code combines its influences and innovation to create driving, atmospheric Dark Wave devoted to the drum machine, powerful synthesizers and driving bass lines.

“For a band so heavy on atmospherics (and whose name hints at being smudged and indistinct), Ash Code come across as clear as day on their third LP, ‘Perspektive’. Partially that’™s a function of their often blunt and repeated lyrical declarations (Give me my life back, There’™s no mercy anymore). But it’s also due to a canny sense for arrangement and production which delivers driving, full-impact post-punk instrumentation just as well as it does coldwave drama. The end result is as good a marker as any of how different sub-genres of dark music are intersecting in 2018.” – Bruce Lord I Die:You Die.

‘Click Interview’ with Schicksal: ‘Stop Looking At Your Smartphone And Create Your Own Revolution’!

The ‘older’ electro fans familiar with EBM will probably remind Schicksal. This Belgian solo-project set up by Rudi Huybrechts released one single and noticeable 12” entitled “24 Hours”. This EP got released exactly 30 years ago now and got very enthusiastic reactions. Unfortunately no other official Schicksal release got ever released. This year the Belgian label Walhalla Records, which is devoted to good-old (Belgian) electronics recovered Schicksal from dust. The album “365 Days” got released on vinyl format and features next to the familiar songs from the “24 Hours”-maxi several previously unreleased songs. Schicksal is alive and answered a few questions about this noticeable ‘return’. (Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: Schicksal is one of these ‘forgotten’ electronic projects from the early 80s, which this year released the album “365 Days”. Can you remind us the who’s hiding behind this project and the way you got in touch with electronic music? Rudi: My real name is Rudi Huybrechts. I was born in 1967 in Hoboken, a town near Antwerp. Imagine Hoboken was at that time as an old industry township with industrial artefacts, such as an old petrochemical abandoned plant, bankrupt shipyard Cockerill and a polluting chemical plant. As a […]

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