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‘Click Interview’ with Damage Control: ‘The Standard Has To Be High Or Why Bother Is My Motto’

I last year discovered Damage Control by the successful debut full length “Ultranoia”, which is a real masterpiece revealing intelligent and sophisticated electronics. Set up by Australian core members Bill Barsby and Damian Davis they got joined by Markus App (Germany) and Jason Podmore (UK). “Ultranoia” became one of my personal favorite albums of 2017 so I get in touch with Bill and Damian to ask them a few questions. And they had a lot to say… (Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: I get the impression Damage Control is a project driven by a few core members joined by extra musicians who can join in and go whenever they want. Is that right and can you tell us a bit more about the background of Damage Control, the concept and the coordination? Bill: At the project’s core at all times you will find Damian Davis and myself. Markus App has also been a part of the inner core of the band, he’s still involved, but more on a casual basis these days. I’m glad we did some music with Jason Podmore, an old friend of mine in the UK. New members are Richard Thacker and Craig Saunders. Richard has […]

Anders Manga releases new single, music video

With the release of Perfectly Stranger, his first album of new material in a decade, darkwave artist Anders Manga now unleashes his starkly lit, blissfully gothic imagery in the form of a new music video for the album’s opening track, “Welcome to Darkness.” Featuring Manga and keyboardist Devallia, the video is a spooky return to […]

Blind Channel – Blood Brothers

A tempest is brewing from the North! Young Finnish quintet Blind Channel is seriously delivering the goods on “Blood Brothers”, a searing onslaught of thundering riffs, catchy grooves and an addictive fusion of hit-laden melodies and sizzling energetic aggression.

Oh boy, these lads know how to conjure up songs that will get stuck in your head forever and they are absolute masters at delivering them in full force! On their new album, “Blood Brothers”, Blind Channel always seem to find the perfect balance between infectious tunes, raw power and just the right amount of ultra-violence to keep things spiced up. Anthems like the groovy “Sharks Love Blood”, the lashing attack of “Wolfpack” or the gigantic “Alone Against All” seem destined for the big arenas and induce the serious urge to shout along out loud, while headbanging and jumping yourself to exhaustion. And the rest of the album doesn’t let up, either. The group sifts elements from a variety of different styles and throws them all in a blender with a mighty dose of youthful zest to create a monstrous melodic powerhouse that feels destined to take the world by storm! Next to the regular album-CD-edition, “Blood Brothers” will also be released as a deluxe double disc, with the first album “Revolutions” as a bonus and as a strictly limited 180 gram vinyl edition.

OOMPH! signs deal with Napalm Records!

The German Industrial-Metal band OOMPH! signed a worldwide record deal with Napalm Records (Austria). The bands explains as follows: “We are happy to announce our signing with Napalm Records. Right between both of our last tours in Russia and Europe, we started to gather new ideas for our upcoming 13th studio album! With these first new songs we contacted various record labels and were able to choose from 8 very promising offers in the end! We are extremely happy to have found in Napalm Records a strong and broad partner worldwide, who has worked extremely successfully in all different areas of Rock and Metal with their artists in recent years. Napalm Records offers exactly the right prerequisites for our next steps and we look forward to a long-term collaboration!” Thomas Caser, CEO Napalm Records states: “With OOMPH! we proudly present one of the most exciting and influential German Rock bands as a brand new signing on Napalm Records! We are very much looking forward to a successful future with the band!” OOMPH! are currently working on a new studio album – scheduled for a 2019 release via Napalm Records!

New EP from Suicide Commando, tour dates

Belgian industrial mainstay Suicide Commando is back with Death Will Find You, an eight track EP featuring remixes of two of the hardest dancing tracks from the prominent act’s 2017 album Forest of the Impaled. Featuring mixes by The Firm Inc./E-Craft, Binary Park, and Ruined Conflict, Death Will Find You also includes new versions of […]

Oomph! signs with Napalm Records

One of the primary influential acts of the German Neue Deutsche Härte style, OOMPH! has signed with the prominent metal label Napalm Records, with plans for a new studio album to be released in 2019. “We are extremely happy to have found in Napalm Records a strong and broad partner worldwide,” the band states, further […]

Rabia Sorda announces new double album

The end is near, but it won’t be without a fight! Fronted by Hocico’s Erk Aicrag, Mexican/German Rabia Sorda’s new double album, The World Ends Today is touted as the band’s hardest yet, showcasing the group’s genre-bending wall of sound. Mixed by Nils Lesser (Cypecore), The World Ends Today blends elements of metal, industrial, and […]

Two new limited edition vinyl releases from DIVE

DIVE, the industrial/EBM project of Dirk Ivens is releasing two limited edition albums on vinyl in late spring/early summer 2018, the first of which is a vinyl reissue of the project’s 1995 album Grinding Walls. A collaborative soundtrack with Sigillum S for a film by visual artist Petulia Mattioli – a.k.a. KOMA – Grinding Walls […]

The Cyclic Law label celebrates its 100th release with Visions and Phurpa

Celebrating its 100th release, Cyclic Law presents an exclusive collaboration between label head Frederic Arbour’s long standing project Visions and Russia’s ritual formation, lead by Alexey Tegin, Phurpa. On “Monad” you’ll find a merge of Phurpa’s meditational chants and shamanic percussive elements and Visions’ slow-shifting, multi-layered textural drones. You can listen to a preview of all the tracks below. The album comes as a CD edition of 500 copies in a 4-panel digisleeve and as an LP edition of 200 copies in a standard LP sleeve. Both formats hold 4 tracks with a playing time of just over 40 minutes. You can order both via the label’s website or via Bandcamp.

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