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The Membranes song ‘Nocturnal’ gets the remix treatment by Kitty Lectro – watch the video

Iconic UK post-punk/alt act The Membranes release an EP featuring two remixes of their song “Nocturnal” by goth rock/darkwave Goth DJ Kitty Lectro. “Nocturnal” was originally released on The Membranes new album “What Natures Gives… Nature Takes Away” on June 7th this year. Having remixed artists such as Kommunity FK, Andi Sex Gang, Beauty In Chaos (Wayne Hussey, Simon Gallup and Michael Ciravolo) and more, Kitty Lectro adds a dance floor spin to “Nocturnal”. Frontman and The Membranes founder John Robb explains why they chose to remix the song: “‘Nocturnal’ is our death disco dance with Pan, or our dark Dionysian dislocation of the senses that has been remixed to shadowy dance floor brilliance by Kitty Lectro. It is from our new double album “What Nature Gives… Nature Takes Away” and examines the beauty and violence of nature, in which we took our bass-driven post-punk and added choirs to it to create an epic brooding soundtrack to the theme of nature itself and its desperate struggle to survive the human race’s hell bent determination to destroy it.” The Nocturnal EP will be available for streaming on all major platforms. You can here it right below. Tracklist of the EP: Nocturnal […]

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MXMS releases new single

  “We have two very different shades of dark when it comes to our art,” explains MXMS vocalist Ariel Levitan, clarifying that one side of the dark electro-pop outfit focuses on vulnerability and having a message to deliver, while the o…

Interview with Shane Aungst – DJ behind the Face The Beat 5 Megamix

The past weekend we launched a mega mix of “Face The Beat: Session 5” done by Seattle (United States) based DJ Shane Aungst. The 1 hour, 33 minutes and 21 seconds long mix features a total of 23 tracks (with the proceedings equally going to charity). If you were surprised by the quality of the mega mix, then it’s no coincidence as Shane Aungst isn’t exactly a newbie to the industrial scene. Also as a DJ he is rather prolific, or what do you think of the 168 DJ sets he posted on Mixcloud! Time we asked Shane a few questions! SL: Shane, you’re not exactly a newbie in the industrial music scene… S: I would say my background in music started around 1984/85ish. I was only fifteen at the time and had found my way into a number of Seattle area post punk clubs during that time. I jumped head first into it all, the clubs, the chemicals, the music, all of it. In the early 90s I met Michael Wimer at Musicland where we worked together. Mike had been working on music on his own and asked if I could sing (which I never had), we ended up […]

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Electronica duo Komputer reboot for London show

Komputer, the Mute artists who joined the influential label in 1984 as I Start Counting, are rebooting for a live show in London. Komputer will appear at TEC 006 together with the Queen of hard dance music, Rein (SE), and IMI (UK). Co-sponsored by Cold War Night Life and The Electricity Club, TEC 006 is the latest in a series of curated music events showcasing the best of current poptronica. It takes place at Electrowerkz, Torrens St EC1, London, on the 30th of November, 2019. Tickets are available right here. The chameleons of electronic music The duo of Simon Leonard and Dave Baker developed a quirky, infectious style of poptronica that captured the imagination of label boss, Daniel Miller. He used his Synclavier to produce their first singles, “Letters to a Friend” and “Still Smiling”, which became classics of detuned, minor key pop. Like Depeche Mode, who had just started to break into the US market with the harmonies of “People Are People”, I Start Counting’s style grew from experimental roots. Sampling technology gave them the opportunity to expand their sonic palette, but they avoided the trap of reproducing the sounds of other acts. They instead, recrafted sounds into sparkling, […]

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