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VNV Nation reissues ‘Automatic’ on double vinyl (clear/transparent + black) – limited number of copies available

Out in a few days, and selling like mad, is the vinyl reissue of the VNV Nation 2011 album “Automatic”. It’s the very first time that this album gets released on vinyl – orders can be placed now (until end of stock). Next to the regular double vinyl (get yours here), there’s also a clear/transparent version (available here) which has alternate cover artwork and is mega-limited, so make sure to place your orders asap. The double vinyl comes with 2 bonus tracks: “Gratitude (Live)” and “Space And Time (Single Edit)”. “Automatic” is VNV Nation’s eighth studio album and was released on September 16, 2011 in Europe, and October 25, 2011 in North America. And for those who remember, the track “Control” was released as a free-download prior to the album’s release.

Ritual Aesthetic unveils first single from anticipated second album

Denver, Colorado based industrial/metal act Ritual Aesthetic has released the first track from the band’s upcoming followup to the 2014 Decollect debut, titled “The Analog Flesh.” Mixed and mastered by Alex Crescioni of Stygian Sound in Los Angeles, “The Analog Flesh” thematically references “the intellectual and social deconstruction from the physical into the digital genocide […]

Aesthetic Perfection covers N*SYNC on upcoming EP

Furthering the band’s transition toward a poppier direction, Aesthetic Perfection has released its own dark interpretation of the N*SYNC boy band pop hit “Bye Bye Bye” as the first single from the upcoming Ebb and Flow EP. The track features New Year’s Day guitarist Nikki Misery, and is one of three tracks on the EP, […]

Erasure collaborates with post-classical group Echo Collective to reinterpret latest album

Celebrated synthpop duo Erasure has announced its next album, World Beyond, a post-classical reinterpretation of the 2017 album World Be Gone by the Brussels based Echo Collective. Recorded over 10 days at Jet Studio in Brussels with vocalist Andy Bell, World Beyond was arranged by Echo Collective’s Gary De Cart, Margaret Hermant, and Neil Leiter, […]

‘Click Interview’ with Nine Seconds: ‘We Are Still Able To Record A Kick-Ass Electro-Track’

It always is something special when interviewing artists you know personally. It even becomes a bit tricky when you like the persons hiding behind the artists, but you don’t necessarily like their music. With Nine Seconds it’s totally different. They’ve released a new and simply great album entitled “Agent Provocateur”. It also is their first album on Infacted Recordings, which reveals a harder sound mixing EBM and electro-pop. I get in touch with singer Oliver Spring (ex-Sleepwalk), Thomas Kowalzik and René Ebner (both ex-No Comment). (Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: You guys are already involvement with music since quite a long time. So how did No Comment finally get in touch with the singer of Sleepwalk to set up Nine Seconds and what kind of sound did you’ve in mind when setting up the band? Thomas: Rene and I made once a remix for the Sleepwalk track “Wheel Of Time’, so we did know Oli virtually. On the European tour we made with No Comment supporting Apoptygma Berzerk we then met in person. When I moved to Berne, Switzerland, I remembered Oli was living there and so we met for a beer. By then he had already left Sleepwalk […]

Rare VNV Nation transparent clear vinyl of ‘Empires’ available – 200 copies only

First of all, let me thank you Sebastian K. from Audioglobe for what is without any doubt THE funniest read I had this week when your mail ended up in my mailbox. But back to the topic of this news, VNV Nation. A few years ago, two vinyl editions were released by VNV Nation of the band’s third album “Empires”. One on black vinyl, and one on transparent/clear vinyl in exclusive/different artwork. The transparent/clear vinyl was close to impossible to find, because there were simply no copies put into circulation due to some unknown reason. That is until today. 200 copies of the clear vinyl have finally surfaced. You can order this transparent/clear vinyl right here, but be extremely fast! Tracks: A1 Firstlight A2 Kingdom A3 Rubicon A4 Saviour A5 Fragments B1 Distant B2 Standing B3 Legion B4 Darkangel B5 Arclight In further news, VNV Nation’s “Automatic” is now also available on double vinyl with 2 bonus tracks.

New Simple Minds video for ‘Magic’ hits the web

On February 2nd 2018 Simple Minds will release their newest album “Walk Between Worlds”. The studio album is the follow-up to the 2014 released “Big Music” and the 2016 release “Acoustic” which had re-recorded acoustic versions of their biggest hits. The new album “Walk Between Worlds” counts 11 tracks and was recorded at the Abbey Road Studio and was produced by the band together with Andy Wright and Gavin Goldberg. A first video is out now for the track “Magic”, which is also opening the new album: The track list for “Walk Between Worlds” is as follows: Magic Summer Utopia The Signal and the Noise In Dreams Barrowland Star Walk Between Worlds Sense of Discovery The Scottish band itself describes it as an oldschool album including eurosynths which you could already hear on “Empires And Dances” or “Sons And Fascination/Sister Feelings Call”, with further tracks going into a more comptemporate direction. You can order it already right here on vinyl, as a deluxe version, or as download. Here’s the album teaser:

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