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Exclusive premiere of Lycia’s ‘The song is Autumn Into Winter’ on Side-Line !

American darkwave pioneers Lycia (a Side-Line favourite for years already!) returns to Projekt for the 4th release of their second era. Side-Line can now exclusively premiere the track “The song is Autumn Into Winter”, which was originally prepped by David Galas for the band’s 1996 “Cold” album but never completed. Tara Vanflower and Mike VanPortfleet finished it off and it is the closing piece on the new album. In Flickers by Lycia Lycia formed in 1988 and released 7 albums on Projekt between 1991-2002. After several lost and unproductive years, a second era began in 2010 with “Fifth Sun”, followed by “Quiet Moments” (2013), and “A Line That Connects (2015)”. Mike began the album with a few solo acoustic tracks. Soon after, John Fair and David Galas brought in collaborative material that changed the direction of the project. “John approached me about adding guitar to some synth songs he was working on,” Mike comments. “They took me back to the feel of our collaborations from the 80s and stirred up so much nostalgia. Even though they were stylistically very different from the ‘solo’ songs I was working on, the mood was a perfect fit, and I felt they needed to be […]

Solitary Experiments – Future Tense

“Crash & Burn” was the knell and a promise, so “Future Tense” is the act: The seventh studio album by Solitary Experiments shows the Electro Institition from Berlin in a freshness that is really rare for acts of this age and that always brings happiness to their fans.

Solitary Experiments supplkies us with enchanting melodies and light-dancable beats since 20 years. Their songs strike out directly to the ear and run down to the legs. “Future Tense” is not an exception at all, rather it shows everything the band is popular for in best of both, quantity and quality. Part of it are the powerfull words that seem to manifest themselves in earworm chorusses just by themselves. The single “Crash & Burn” has for the very first time a duet with Tea F. Thimé (Ashbury Heights), but the main part is made by the bands well known, in long efforts sharpened powers that shows “Future Tense” as an impressive demonstration of style and skill. The album comes as 2-CD-Digipak and as Woodbox limited on 500 units.

Electro Spectre: “A Man-Made Sun” album release interview

(By our Norwegian correspondent Jan Ronald Stange) On October 19th Isak Rypdal and Alexander Bjørneboe of Electro Spectre returns with their 5th studio album titled ‘A Man-Made Sun’, an highly anticipated album we are highly curious about after the preceding single and EP releases. I met up with the guys in Oslo to talk about the album & more. Side-Line: What has the process behind the new album been like? Alex: Well, we never want to repeat ourselves. The feeling of standing still will in many respects contradicts creativity. We play around with ideas, and some tracks grow in an interesting way, some are put on ice for later. We rarely have a plan for where we want to go creatively, so our new album is not the result of a fixed direction. To begin with, we didn’t even decide to make an album. It just sort of manifested itself after a while. We are always making music, and after a while you realise a new album is in the barrel. In the end everything came out really well. Isak: This time Alex went to Vietnam on a two month journey to find time and inspiration to write new lyrics […]

Watch the brand new Moby video for ‘Falling rain and light’

Moby has launched a new video for “Falling Rain and Light”, a piano-driven track from his latest studio album, “Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt”. The video captures barren and beautiful landscapes following the departure of humans from Earth. Reflecting on the theme of the video, Moby says: “The video concept is simple; a world after people. It’s not that I don’t like people, but it seems like we might not be around for too much longer, and sometimes that seems like it might not be such a bad thing.” You can watch the video below.

Alien Vampires return with 2 twin concept EPs: ‘Fuck the revolution bring on the apocalypse’ & ‘Evil twins’

Since the release of their last studio album “Drag You To Hell” and their most recent deluxe anthology box “Evil Lasts Forever”, Alien Vampires (aka Nysrok Infernalien and Nightstalker) have toured a lot but were also working hard in their studio on their forthcoming album “London Paranormal” announced for a Spring 2019 release. Out now as digital only releases are 2 concept EPs which act as true twin EPs. The first is “Fuck the revolution bring on the apocalypse” (available for download on Bandcamp, with other services following in the next few weeks), a new 8-track EP holding not less than 4 new songs including a collaboration with Chainreactor (on “Hyperbolic Doubt”). The band furthermore joined hands with dark elektro remixers like Acylum, Venal Flesh, Studio-X, Synapsyche and London’s famous Slimlight DJ’s DKAG. This EP is also available in an alternative “Evil Twins” with 5 other exclusive tracks (available for download on Bandcamp, with other services following in the next few weeks). The EP offers you a second potential interpretation of their “Fuck The Revolution Bring On The Apocalypse” EP, delivering besides the 3 songs it has in common with the original version of the EP, the exclusive studio version […]

Yann Tiersen announces brand new album ‘All’ in a production by Gareth Jones – first video available

Out 15 February 2019 is the brand new album ‘All’, Yann Tiersen’s 10th album release. A first video for the track “Tempelhof” is out now and can be viewed below. The album coincides with an extensive European tour throughout February and March next year. “All” is the first album to be recorded at Tiersen’s new studio, venue and community centre, The Eskal, built in an abandoned discotheque on the island of Ushant, a small island positioned in the Celtic sea between Brittany and Cornwall, Tiersen’s home for the past 10 years. The album was mixed and co-produced by Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode, Erasure, Indochine, …) and continues the themes of environment and a connection to nature first explored on “EUSA”, incorporating recordings from outside of Brittany, such as the redwood forests of California as well as field recordings from Tempelhof airport in Berlin (on “Tempelhof”), plus guest vocalists. You can view the first video, for the track “Tempelhof” right below.

Inkubus Sukkubus – Sabrina–Goddess of the Severn

Sabrina – Goddess of the Severn” is the final part of the Inkubus Sukkubus musical Triptych “Tales of Witchcraft & Wonder” which has seen the release of “Barrow Wake” and “Belas Knap” albums interwoven within the regular Inkubus Sukkubus release Schedule.

A series of “Horror Folk” albums, the Witchcraft & Wonder series have seen the Inkubus Sukkubus explore the acoustic/folk side of their musical universe. The tracks have dealt with rich and at times dark history and folklore of rural Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds.
Sabrina – Goddess of the Severn explores the flip side of the rural idyll, and finds a dark dystopia amongst the rambling fields, hedges and golden Cotswold stone. Central to the album is “Sabrina” the Roman Goddess of the River Severn, a goddess of darkness and light, mercy and cruelty.

As with Lilith and Bast, Sabrina has been a major influence upon Inkubus Sukkubus since before their formation in 1989.
Now on the eve of their third decade the Inkubus Sukkubus are still increasing in momentum as the wheel of fate, ever moving forward.

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