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The Black Queen returns for ColdWaves and European tour

Having spent the majority of 2017 in a state of relative quiet, Los Angeles electronic/coldwave act The Black Queen has announced that it will embark on a tour of Europe in October and November of this year. These dates follow the band’s performances at this year’s ColdWaves events taking place in September in New York […]

Psy’Aviah to release new single before Summer starts – you can already enjoy the video for the track

Before the summer hits Psy’Aviah will be releasing a brand new EP called “Looking For The Sun”. “Looking For The Sun” will feature 3 brand new tracks tied into the theme of “Lightflare”, the band’s most recent album, with it’s on twists. One of the songs is “No More Heroes” – a modern, emotional, triphop ballad – featuring the vocal talent of Saydi Driggers. A video for that song has now been released online. The footage in the video is taken from WestWorld Season 01 and 02, revolving around Dolores Abernathy and Teddy Flood. Enjoy the great track and very matching video below.

Debut album Phil Western finally gets a vinyl reissue (including a super funpack with test pressings)

Out soon is the debut album by the Vancouver-based Download and platEAU collaborator Phil Western. “The Escapist” was originally released in 1998 on CD, but it now gets a re-release on limited brown vinyl plus a fanpack limited to 11 (yes eleven!) copies holding test pressings – you can find this super limited fanpack here. The music on this reissue was completely remastered for the occasion. Western (a founding member of the bands Download PlatEAU, Frozen Rabbit, and Off And Gone) started his career as a drummer and eventually as a programmer and became a remix engineer starting in the mid-1990s. His friendship with Dwayne Goettel led to him doing a small amount of keyboard work on the Skinny Puppy album “The Process”, as well as creating the Subconscious record label with Goettel in 1993. After Goettel’s death from a heroin overdose in 1995, he became partners with Cevin Key in several musical projects. As an engineer, or remix engineer, he has worked with Skinny Puppy, Mirror, Bryan Adams and Nine Inch Nails. He has also assisted in remixes of songs written by Monster Magnet and Rob Halford and Metallica among others. Since 2001, Western has been the operator behind […]

The Dresden Dolls to return to London on Halloween

The Dresden Dolls – the dark cabaret duo of Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione – has announced performances to take place at London’s Troxy on October 30 and 31. These shows mark the duo’s first in Europe in 12 years, with no additional dates planned for the forseeable future. Tickets go on sale Monday, May […]

Hanzel Und Gretyl continue to go satanic on new album ‘Satanik Germanik’

Hanzel Und Gretyl’s ast album, “Black Forest Metal”, already dates from 2014 and employed satanic themes cross-referenced with forest motifs from the original Brothers Grimm fairy tale. And they keep faithful to that theme as their new album is titled “Satanik Germanik”. The new album is now available in pre-order right here. For those unaware, Hanzel und Gretyl are an American industrial metal band founded in New York City, NY by Kaizer Von Loopy and Vas Kallas in February 1993. In between both Hanzel Und Gretyl albums Loopy released a solo album under the name KyzrWölf with the album titled “Reichstar”.

DV8R – Zero Hour

DV8R is a dynamic, hard hitting dark electro project from Seattle Washington. From early 2017 to current, the members of DV8R have unleashed their diverse musical experience to create their first single (static) and their full length …

Former Human League member Ian Burden launches new solo album on 25th May

Out on May 25th via the Rutland Artspace Limited label is the new solo album from Ian Burden, titled “Hey Hey Hom Hum”. The track will have 10 tracks. Ian Charles Burden is an English musician who played keyboards and bass guitar with The Human League, initially as a session musician covering for Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh’s keyboards after their departure. He later on joined full-time, between 1981 and 1987. Burden co-wrote “Do Or Die”, “The Sound Of The Crowd” and “Love Action” on the “Dare” album, as well as “Mirror Man” amongst others. Burden already recorded a solo album, “Loot”, in 1990 and in 1995 released a CD through Inertia Records entitled “A Swim in the Ocean” which was a collaboration with Human League session player and contributor Russell Dennett. The band called themselves Deep Down Crazy, and consisted of Dan Boulton on vocals, Chris Broadhead on drums, Russell Dennett on guitar/keyboards/vocals and Burden on bass/keyboards. For now, you can watch the video for “Let The Devil Drown” below: You can order “Hey Hey Ho Hum” on Amazon UK as a download or on CD.

New Rhys Fulber studio album out on June 6th combining dance and EBM

Out on June 6th via Sonic Groove is the new Rhys Fulber studio album “Your Dystopia, My Utopia”. “Your Dystopia, My Utopia”, is the first album produced by Fulber for Sonic Groove and the follow up to his 12″ “Realism” released last year and available right here on vinyl. The new album consists of 9 tracks clearly aimed at the dance floor but definitely holds dark EBM elements. Fulber has an extensive oeuvre; from his artistic collaborations with Bill Leeb (known predominantly as Front Line Assembly, and also as Delerium, Noise Unit, Intermix, and many others) to his work as a producer for bands such as Youth Code, Paradise Lost, and Fear Factory. He also works under the name Conjure One, which is a cinematic solo project that features collaborations with vocalists such as Sinead O’Connor and Leigh Nash.

‘Click Interview’ with Darkness On Demand: ‘I Believe That Science Fiction Is Going To Become Reality’

The band name Darkness On Demand (DoD) will for sure evoke one of the most famous electro bands from the 90s: Dance Or Die! Same initials and… same members! This is a new band set up by Gary Wagner, Falgalas (Heike Duus) and Chris L. They all have a great experience as musicians and performers and are still involved with different music projects. The debut album “Post Stone Technology” released on Repo Records is a well-crafted piece of modern and dark EBM. Gary Wagner give us more details about this new challenge. (Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: I first of all have to ask you why you finally decided to stop Dance Or Die and move on as Darkness On Demand plus what are the main differences sound-wise between both bands? Wagner: Actually it was not on purpose. After some bad experiences with the former producer we decided to produce our new material ourselves. We kept Dance Or Die as a legend, but keep our lifetime achievement. Darkness On Demand is meant to be fresh modern and club orientated by staying to our typical sound. Q: Is there a concept/philosophy hiding behind this new project? Wagner: It mainly concerns […]

The Arch launch video ‘Cocks Populi’, the 4th single from their upcoming album

In December 2018 the Belgian darkwave act The Arch will release a new album with 12 new songs. But right now the band decided to release each song separately throughout the year. Every month a new track will be launched on itunes/spotify and each song will be created, mixed and finished before they start other ones. The band explains why: “Each song is a world on its own: a different story, atmosphere and sound. We want to have another approach than the usual, when a band goes into the studio with a amount of songs, and finished them as a whole, with a same global sound. In a way, we start an album without being an album. And also not knowing how it will sound at the end. That makes it a whole different approach. And it makes us curious. It’s like an adventure.” In the end the band plans to have 12 songs that are also inspired by the month they are releasing it. Every song will get special artwork and sleeve so they all look like singles. Next to that you can expect video material to be released with every track. Right now the band has released the […]

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