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Mortiis to tour South America for the very first time with halts in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Ecuador

For the first time ever, Mortiis will be performing shows in South America during the ‘Era 1 South American Mini Tour’. The following shows have been booked for November: 14/11 – Santiago, Chile 15/11 – Buenos Aires, Argentina 16/11 – La Paz, Bolivia 17/11 – Quito, Ecuador During the gigs Mortiis will do a special performance of “Ånden Som Gjorde Opprør”, his second full-length album that was released in 1994, a year after his debut album, “Født til å Herske”. Era 1 refers to all works previous to “The Smell of Rain”. All of the Era I albums were notably composed entirely on synthesizers, creating a sound that Mortiis described as “dark dungeon music”. The last album of this era, “The Stargate”, went a step further by introducing a wider range of instruments including acoustic guitars, flutes and dark vocals; mainly provided by Sarah Jezebel Deva.

Jah Wobble launches World Cup Single ‘England (Your Time Is Now)’

To celebrate, in what has already been an amazing tournament of football, Jah Wobble has released a special world cup single “England (Your Time Is Now)”. Wobble explains: “I wrote ‘England (your time is now)’ a couple of years ago. I felt that one day, our time would come again on the big stage. Gary Lamin of the Bermondsey Joy Riders, a keen Millwall fan, plays guitar on the track. It’s quite a punky anthemic track. I think the punk ethos goes quite nicely with football. Anyway, when it comes to the England Football team hope springs eternal right?” You can listen to the track below. He became known to a wider audience as the original bass player in Public Image Ltd (PiL) in the late 1970s and early 1980s, but left the band after two albums. Following his departure from PiL, he went on to a successful solo career, continuing to the present.

Blutengel – History-The Vinyl Collection-Vol. 2

“History – The Vinyl Collection – Vol. 2” unites the next batch of Blutengel-classics in a strictly limited vinyl-box-set in a classy glossy cardboard slipcase.

The new set picks up where “Vol. 1” left off and contains the albums “Schwarzes Eis”, “Soultaker”, “Tränenherz”, “Monument” and “Black Symphonies”, all as 180g color double vinyl sets in gatefold sleeves. Each of the included album was carefully remastered by the artist himself to ensure the best possible sound on vinyl and has never before been released on this most noble of all formats.
All five double-LPs will be exclusive to this box set which will be limited to 499 copies, world-wide and will include a hand-numbered ownership certificate. Like the first part of the series, “History – The Vinyl Collection – Vol. 2” is a real gem and belongs in every serious Blutengel-collection. And after experiencing these classics in the warm and saturated glory that is vinyl, you will feel like listening to them for the first time in your life.

‘Click Interview’ with Struck 9: ‘Good Things Take Time…’

 I’m always interested to discover new bands, but especially artists from countries and parts of the world you don’t immediately link with electronic underground music. Struck 9 is a Colombian duo set up in 2008 by Andres Orion and Andres Henker. They released the “Democracy”-album in 2010 on Black Leather Records (Colombia). It took a while to accomplish a new opus, but here it is! “Ritual Body Music” has been released by EK Product and will catch the attention of all old-school EBM lovers. Master mind Andres Orion answered a few questions. (Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: A traditional question to take off is to know how Struck 9 saw the daylight, the meaning of the band name and what have been your musical references and sources of inspiration? Andres: Struck 9 was the first EBM song I heard in 1993 by Anstalt so I named my band that way to honor them. We are inspired by 80s and early 90s EBM, new-wave and post-punk. Q: It seems there’s a real electronic underground scene in Colombia. How does it looks like regarding bands, labels, distributors, concerts/festivals, parties etc? Andres: To be honest, there are a lot of parties, but […]

Front Line Assembly – WarMech

Front Line Assembly
Category: Electro / Industrial / Dubstep
Album: WarMech
Blurb: An improved follow up to Front Line Assembly’s 2012 AirMech soundtrack and a fine showcase of what Jeremy Inkel added to his 13 years in the band.

AirMech is a good video game soundtrack, better than the game deserved. That’s not to say AirMech is a bad […]

Precious Child announces U.S. tour and releases new album

Experimental musician and video artist Precious Child has released a new album, WHOLLOHW, which includes the tracks “Whole” and “The Way” from the project’s latest videos. The record explores the concepts of self, existence, and ego as technology, spurred by conversations about identity following the release of “My Little Problem (Violet Door).” Precious Child comments […]

Daniel Davies announces debut solo album

Musician and composer Daniel Davies has announced his debut solo album, titled Events Score, will be released digitally via Lakeshore Records. The eight instrumental tracks build on his collaborative work with John Carpenter on the legendary director’s Lost Themes and Anthology albums to conjure haunting soundscapes from vintage synths. Davies describes the release as the […]

‘Click Interview’ with Mnemonic: ‘I Make Music In A Rather Unspectacular And Traditional Way’

Michael Belletz and Sebastian Schulz started making music together in 1997. The early compositions were inspired by EBM, but quite progressively the German duo started exploring new sonic horizons, which finally became IDM-like. Michael Belletz remained the single member on board and has already released a new opus entitled “Aversionen”. The songs reveal a sophisticated and intelligent writing with a great vintage flavor on top. This work released on Hymen incited to me to get in touch with Michael. (Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: Mnemonic has been set up in 1997. What have been the main facts in the band’s history so far?  Michael: After 2 demo releases, the first regular album “Identifikationsstörung” was released in 2001 and three years later the second album “Konstruktive Vergangenheitsbewältigung” followed. Both albums were released by the Belgian label Alfa Matrix and were still very much bound to EBM/electro elements as well as vocals. In 2006 there was a break in style, the vocals disappeared and our music was clearly influenced by IDM. For new releases, we have found a suitable partner, he French label M-Tronic. After much deliberation, we established our own label Halbsicht in 2008, on which the further 4 Mnemonic […]

PIG – Risen

Category: Industrial / Rock
Album: Risen
Blurb: The Lord of Lard demands you pay homage and pray to the pulpit of pork as his latest album presents some of his strongest, most focused, and stylistically diverse material yet.

One of the industrial music scene’s most celebrated figures, Raymond Watts continues down a prolific and perverted path of productivity […]

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