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Chris Connelly InterView / Music Video Premiere: Art and ‘Ascension’

ReGen Magazine presents a new conversation with the legendary Chris Connelly about his new double album, Bloodhounds, with a special exclusive premiere of his new music video, “Ascension.”

An InterView with Chris Connelly

By Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)
To say that Chris Connelly is an important and revered figure in modern music is an understatement. Although often associated with […]

Evestus releases second music video from upcoming Ade Fenton produced album

Having signed to London based imprint Syndicol Music, Estonian industrial/goth band Evestus has released a new music video for the track “Everything In Here,” one of the more personal and softer tracks off the group’s upcoming album. Directed and shot by longtime Evestus associated and costume designer Grete “Stitch” Laus and inspired by Shakespeare‘s quote […]

Gitane Demone Quartet – Substrata Strip

Gitane Demone Quartet
Category: Gothic / Rock
Album: Substrata Strip
Blurb: GDQ returns with an amazing sophomore effort that proves they are more than a supergroup in name only.

Gitane Demone Quartet hasn’t wasted much time between the debut album, Past the Sun, and the follow-up album, Substrata Strip, but the band has grown as a unit by leaps […]

OGRE and Dallas Campbell announce new fictitious synth horror soundtrack ‘All Hallows’ II’ – check the preview

“All Hallows’ II” is a full-length studio album by Robin Ogden (OGRE) and Dallas Campbell. The sequel builds upon the previous instalment of ‘All Hallows’’. Robin and Dallas collaborated online using FaceTime, Dropbox and Sid Meier’s Civilization V. Joined by their shared passion for all things analog, tape machines and esoteric vintage synths, “All Hallows’ II” draws on the duos combined nostalgia for the halcyon years of Carpenter and Goblin-esc soundtracks, cheap horror movies and sweet synth scores. The soundtrack is the fourth instalment of their many transatlantic collaborations and includes – and here we enter the fiction part – the unaltered case files of the events of 1983 and what really happened at The Shepard Institute For Psionic Inquiry, by examining the interviews, reports and artefacts, which are included both digitally with the release and physically with physical versions of the soundtrack. The soundtrack features 24 tracks and will be released both digitally and on cassette with a special edition physical package of “All Hallows’ II” including a hard print copy of the story component and a ‘found artefact’ meditation cassette. A separate selection of B-sides and cuts entitled: “All Hallows’ II: Coda” will follow the release. Below is […]

X-O-Planet has released its 2nd album ‘Voyagers’

One year after the debut “Passengers”, the Mainz (Germany) based act X-O-Planet (aka Manja Kaletka and Goderic Northstar) have released a new album “Voyagers”, remaining true to their main theme of Science Fiction and Synth Pop. Here’s already a live cut of the titletrack “Voyagers”. The band was founded at the beginning of 2016. And you might know Manja from her work with the Essen formation Jesus On Extasy, the British avant-garde musicgroup Attrition, the neoclassical band Weltenbrand from Liechtenstein, Illuminate and she also participated on material from 18 Summers. You can check out the full album below.

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