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Brooklyn-based darkwave act Bootblacks signs with Artoffact Records – on tour with Actors

Brooklyn-based darkwave band Bootblacks have announced that they’ve inked a deal with Toronto-based Artoffact Records. Bootblacks will release their Artoffact debut, a Jason Corbett-produced album, tentatively called “Thin Skies”, later in 2019. The band, formed in 2010, have been touring North America and Europe for nearly a decade, with their mix of coldwave, dark post-punk, and death rock. Bootblacks is Barrett Hiatt, who joined the band only a few years ago, alongside vocalist Panther Macdonald and guitarist Alli Gorman, both founders of the band. Larry Gorman joined on drums in 2018. After forming in 2010, Bootblacks released several independent albums, culminating in “Fragments” (2017). The band played most of the most well-renowned indie gothic and punk festivals on both sides of the Atlantic, before hooking up with Artoffact Records through Actors frontman and producer Jason Corbett. Here’s “Hold & Dissolve” from their last album. Bootblacks on tour supporting Actors Friday March 15 – Vancouver | The Biltmore Cabaret (w/ SPECTRES ) Saturday March 16 – Seattle | Central Saloon (w/ Ex-Kids ) Sunday March 17 – Portland | The Star Theater (w/ Ritual Veil ) Wednesday March 20 – Sacramento | Blue Lamp (w/ Creux Lies) Thursday March 21 – […]

‘Click Interview’ with Orange Sector: ‘We Don‘T Like Bands That Behave Like The Next Big Superstars’

Set up in 1992 by the Hannover duo Lars Felker – Martin Bodewell, Orange Sector would rapidly conquer the EBM community. They got signed on Zoth Ommog and released the astonishing debut album “Faith” (1993). One year later they stroke back with the impressive “Flashback”-album. Lars finally left the band and Martin went on releasing new works while experimenting with some pop elements. Orange Sector finally stopped all activities at the end of the 90s, but came back alive in 2005 for the compilation “Here We Are (Back Again)”. Lars Felker and Martin Bodewell joined hands again and started to release new albums. They moved back to their hard and original EBM sound. “Alarm” released on Infacted Recordings is their newest work featuring René Nowotny (Ad:Key, Rector Scanner) as extra member. I got in touch with the band’s main machinist Lars Felker. (Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: “Alarm” is your twelfth full length album. What makes this work different and maybe ‘special’ from the other ones?  Lars: The biggest difference is that ORANGE SECTOR now has three official band members. ORANGE SECTOR was Martin and me while René Nowotny was a live member during the time I stopped playing […]

Muet – Muet

Muet is the sound of American noir. Sonically defiant art rock sung under the shadow of a long brim hat. Deliberate dissonance and heartbreaking melody are stitched together beneath sodium light with tales of the tragic, the romantic,…

‘Click Interview’ with Culture Kultür: ‘Dancing With Tears In Our Eyes’

The Spanish formation Culture Kultür saw the daylight in 1992. Josua Clotet remained the single core member while singer Salva Maine joined the band in 1999. The early releases revealed a mix of EBM and dark-pop elements, but quite progressively the songs became more electro/future-pop inspired. After a hiatus of nine years Culture Kultür are finally back on track releasing a new full length on Caustic Records. “Humanity” is an album that will appeal for all future-pop fans. It’s a danceable- and melodic composition, but still a work reflecting serious lyrics. Culture Kultür is back with a great new opus so time for an interview with both members.   (Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: Music always has been very important to you so I can imagine it means a lot to have released a new album after nine years of ‘absence’? What do you keep in mind from this long break? Josua: You are right. Looking back, we never really stopped. We always had a slow working pace due to being extremely focused on the details when arranging songs. Of course, real life came into place with personal- and health issues along this time, but “Humanity” is the reflection […]

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