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‘Click Interview’ with Tobias Bernstrup: ‘We Are Lost In-Between Real And Virtual Life’

Tobias Bernstrup is maybe not the most renowned artist dealing with electro-pop- and Italo-disco music, but I personally consider him as one of the most talented ones. He remains a kind of hidden ‘treasure’ and that’s maybe because his work got released on rather small labels. Tobias Bernstrup is now releasing music for more than 20 years and has unleashed his sixth opus “Technophobic” during late 2018 on Nadanna. It’s a real professional production revealing outstanding songs. If you don’t know yet Tobias Bernstrup this interview will give you more details about his art… (Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: How would you introduce yourself and what do you consider as the main facts in your artistic career? Tobias: A: Queer, Artist, Futuristic, Italo-Gothic, Synth-Pop, Musician and Performer. Q: I think it’s important to say that you first of all started as a ‘visual’ artist/performer. Tell us a bit more about this aspect and the Tobias Bernstrup-image of today? Tobias: Well, I have a long established career in the contemporary art world with gallery and museum shows worldwide. So there is more to the image than just a cool or weird looking album sleeve and outfit. At a very early […]

8MM returns after seven years with new EP

8MM, the duo of renowned producer/multi-instrumentalist Sean Beaven with wife and vocalist Juliette Beavan, has announced the release of a new EP, Heart-Shaped Hell. Showcasing the band’s signature brand of dark atmospheric pop, blending elements of trip-hop and cinematic soundscapes, Heart-Shaped Hell was created during a month-long period of free time the Beavans had when […]

Night Club – Scary World

Night Club
Category: Electro / New Wave
Album: Scary World
Blurb: This electro duo wants to bring back 1984.

The world seems to be on fire with this duo right now, with they having toured in 2018 with A Perfect Circle and, surprisingly for this writer, Tricky… but I don’t really get it. For me, Night Club’s brand of […]

Only Flesh – Cells Out

Only Flesh
Category: Industrial / Rock / Punk
Album: Cells Out
Blurb: Pittsburgh’s industrial/rock suspension group is back after an eight-year-long hiatus in an album that sounds like the band is having the time of its life. Unfortunately, the listener’s mileage may vary.

Pittsburgh’s Only Flesh is an industrial/punk/shock rock suspension group that’s been around for the better part […]

‘Click Interview’ with A Slice Of Life: ‘Most People Never Get Rid Of Their Big Influences From Their Youth’

A Slice Of Life is Belgian formation that was originally set up by the duo Dirk Vreys (vocals) and Guy Wilssens (guitar). Quite rapidly the band has been joined by Wim Kempenaers (guitar), Nelson Da Silva (bass), ‘FIX’ (drums) and Bart Vanmeerbeeck (keyboards). The band deals with a very efficient mix of new-wave, post-punk and rock-wave music. After a self-released and self-titled EP they joined hands together with Wool-E-Discs unleashing the full length album “Restless”. I would be not surprised to see A Slice Of Life becoming one of the next Belgian ‘big thing’ in the alternative music scene. (Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: I noticed A Slice Of Life has been set up in 2016. Two years later you can already look back at a real interesting career with very positive feedback. What have been the main facts from the band’s ‘young’ history and what’s the secret of this instant success? A Slice Of Life actually started late 2015 as an online collaboration between Dirk Vreys (vocals) and Guy Willsens (guitars). In 2016, we got the attention of several web radios who reacted very positively to our demos, which encouraged us to pursue our path. That same year, […]

Lords of Acid announce lineup for ‘Pretty in Kink tour’ (Spoiler alert)

Lords of Acid has announced the lineup for their upcoming ‘Pretty in Kink’ tour 2019. Joining Praga Khan, will be guitarist Sin Quirin (Ministry, 3 Headed Snake), bassist Dietrich Thrall (Beauty in the Suffering, Doyle), drummer Galen Waling (Pig, Julien-K) and vocalist Marieke Bresseleers. Lords of Acid is a Belgian/ American electronic music group, led by musician Praga Khan. They debuted with the new beat single “I Sit on Acid” in 1988. Created by Praga Khan, Olivier Adams, and Jade 4U; their debut album, 1991’s “Lust” (along with additional singles “Rough Sex” and “I Must Increase My Bust”), became cult within the electronic music and dance music communities for their outrageously sexual lyrics and sound samples. Their second album was “Voodoo-U” (1994), which featured a more industrial sound. This was followed by “Our Little Secret” (1997), “Heaven Is an Orgasm” (1998) and “Expand Your Head” (1999). In 2000 they released a more rock-influenced album titled “Farstucker” and in 2003, after being in the business for fifteen years, released a greatest hits album called “Greatest T*ts”. The rest is history.

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