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Blutengel – Live im Wasserschloss Klaffenbach

On “Live im Wasserschloss Klaffenbach” (= live at the water castle Klaffenbach), Blutengel deliver a stunning document of the biggest show in their career so far. The new release delivers a rendition of the completely sold-out event on 2CD, DVD and Blu-Ray in top quality audio and video.

Even in the ongoing success story of a band like Blutengel, there are certain moments that are simply magical. The jam-packed courtyard of the water castle Klaffenbach, in Chemnitz, filled with an enthusiastic audience that had been traveling in from everywhere in Germany and even the entire globe, plus the extremely beautiful scenery had Chris Pohl, Ulrike Goldmann and the band positively overwhelmed from the very beginning. The audience and Blutengel were connecting from the moment the band entered the stage, marking the start of the feeling of being part of one of the special evenings that are almost impossible to explain in words. Blutengel performed their 2-hour-plus set comprised of hits, fan-favorites and a couple of pleasant surprises with an ardent zeal and the fans delightfully tagged along for the ride. Hence, it was hardly any wonder that Chris Pohl was clearly at a loss for words to describe what he had just experienced at the end of the show. A once-in-a-lifetime-show… now finally conserved for re-living on 2 CDs, DVD or Blu-Ray (the latter two also contain entertaining glimpses into the backstage antics and the sound check as a bonus.) There is also a limited “completist” fan set in a classy A5 Digipak, containing both CDs, the DVD and the Blu-Ray. Blutengel are not just a band, Blutengel are a way of life… and “Live im Wasserschloss Klaffenbach” conveys this feeling like no other release before it.

‘Click Interview’ with Raison D’être: ‘Symbols Are The ‘Common’ Language Between Our Inner And Outer World’

Swedish artist Peter Andersson set up Raison D’Être in 1991. He rapidly became one of the most praised- and influential artists from the dark-ambient scene. He became one of the flag holders from the legendary and now defunct label Cold Meat Industry. Peter Andersson set up different side-projects such as Atomine Elektrine, Bocksholm, Necrophorus, Stratvm Terror, Panzar, Anonyma Alkoholister ao but always moved on with his main project. He this year joined hands together with Canadian label Cyclic Law to unleash his newest creation “Alchymeia”. It’s a new opus revealing the dark- and artistic sound approach of Peter Andersson. It also was an opportunity to make an interview with this talented and unique musician. (Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: I first of all want to ask you if you’re satisfied with the new album and what kind of work did you want to accomplish by releasing “Alchymeia”? Peter: I can’t be anything, but satisfied with a new album, else it would not have been existing. The previous album was the same, just as the next one will be. With all of my albums I want to establish and accomplish some sort of connection with my inner self; to get […]

Aiboforcen returns after 7 years of close to total silence

Still mostly centered today around mastermind Benoit Blanchart and female singer Patrice Synthea (Regenerator lead singer), Aiboforcen strikes back. The return was already hinted at on the Aiboforcen Facebook page a few weeks ago, but today the Belgian industrial label Alfa Matrix has announced more details about the upcoming album “Sense & Nonsense”. You can already pre-order the CD, 2CD and via Bandcamp the download version of the limited edition set. Here are already 2 songs to enjoy. Sense & Nonsense (Bonus Tracks Version) by AIBOFORCEN For this release Blanchart has once again collaborated with a rather promising list of special guests. The first one is Jean-Luc De Meyer (Front 242, 32CRASH, Underviewer, …) who lends his unique voice on not less than 3 songs on this album, including an upbeat EBM cover version of Front 242’s very own “Loud” and the more atmospheric and darkish “The Arrival”. Other noticeable appearance comes from Damasius of label mates Mondträume, Mari Kattman, Mildreda, Venal Flesh and Kant Kino. Next to the normal CD version there is also a limited edition of the album which will hold a 13-track bonus disc entitled “An End Unto Itself” revealing some 3 exclusive non-album tracks including […]

Avicii found dead, aged 28

Shocking news from the electro dance world as Swedish DJ and producer Avicii has died, he was only 28 years old. according to his publicist, Diana Baron, Avicii (real name Tim Bergling) was found dead in Muscat, Oman this Friday afternoon local time, April 20th. Bergling was born in Stockholm, Sweden, to Klas Bergling and actress Anki Lidén. He started his recording career in May 2007 when he signed under the Avicii moniker to the Dejfitts Plays label. Then, in 2010, Bergling released the hit song “Seek Bromance”, which reached the top 20 in several countries including Belgium, France, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Sweden. He also remixed Nadia Ali’s classic single “Rapture” for her album Queen of Clubs Trilogy: Onyx Edition. In October 2010, Bergling signed with the European A&R team with EMI Music Publishing. Bergling was a member of the Laidback Luke Forums, where he refined his craft and, at times, demonstrated his distinct deep house style. The rest is history. Rest in peace.

Poptone to release debut album, announces tour dates

Poptone – the latest musical partnership between Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins, and featuring Diva Dompé – has announced the release of a self-titled debut album. Long known for their collective work in Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, and Tones on Tail, Poptone – named after a P.I.L. track – marks the pair’s fourth musical collaboration. […]

Agent Side Grinder – Doppelgänger

Swedish electronic giants Agent Side Grinder returns on Record Store Day with new 7″ “Doppelgänger”.

Exactly one year after the separation from three band members, ASG returns more compact and powerful than ever. It’s their first release since the award-winning album “Alkimia” in 2015. It’s also the first track featuring their new lead singer, Emanuel Åström. “Doppelgänger” is a track symbolizing the new shape and sound of ASG. The band has gone through a major transformation. But kept the core intact: Majestic melodies on a foundation of industrial beats and brooding electronics. The limited edition handnumbered 7″ also holds the mighty “In From The Cold”.

New state, new life, same band, same beast. Hail the evil twin. Hail the Doppelgänger.

Die Robot InterView: Part Analog, Part Machine

Paving the way for a fresher take on a familiar style, Die Robot bassist Barbie Saint speaks with ReGen about what audiences can expect from the Technopunk band in 2018 and beyond.

An InterView with Barbie Saint of Die Robot

By Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)
[See image gallery at] From the ashes of Pop Dolls comes […]

Hooverphonic has found a new singer: 17-year old Luka Cruysberghs – check out the new single

Hooverphonic has found a brand new frontwoman: 17-year old Luka Cruysberghs, the winner of The Voice Of Flanders 2018. Hooverphonic’s Alex Callier was also Cruysberghs’ coach in the TV program and sung the Hooverphonic track “Mad About You” in the finals. Luka Cruysberghs will be replacing Noémie Wolfs who quit the band in 2015. Since the band formed in 1995 the duo Alex Callier and Raymond Geerts have had various frontwomen: Liesje Sadonius, Kyoko Bartsoen, Esther Lybeert and Geike Arnaert. The band has also announced a brand new single: “Romantic”. You can watch an acoustic version of the new single below. Here is the teaser for the official version.

Rammstein records first album in 9 years at La Fabrique in France

Germany’s Rammstein is back at work in the studio. The production is in the hands of Sky Van Hoff who in the past produced work by Arma Gathas, The Sorrow, Kreator, I Defy, Mrs Greenbird and Dikta to name just a few. The news was announced via facebook where the band posted a few pictures taken from sessions at a recording studio which we positively identified as being La Fabrique. La Fabrique And there’s a story to be told about La Fabrique. It is a residential recording studio that is located in Saint-Rémy de Provence (south of France) in an old, beginning of the 19th century farm. In the past artists like Morrissey, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds etc. have been recording there. Rumour has it that the studio holds an impressive classical music collection of no less than 200,000 vinyls, plus a collection of 30,000 films and thousands of books. Attached is also a huge park. 35 songs to choose from But back to Rammstein. The recording will be the band’s first new studio album (their 7th) since “Liebe ist für alle da” which was released 9 years ago. Rammstein had about 35 new songs ready in 2017, […]

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