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Absurd Minds – Deception

You think that I'm heartless They believe that I have a heart of stone 'Cause it doesn't make any difference to me If it's a grain of sand or if it's a human being I'm not heartless You've got to know I ain't got a heart of stone 'Cause I distinguish between truth and illusion […]

Frozen Plasma – Warmongers

  Hey yoh trooper you're the coolest kid in townJoin the warmachine and fight on foreign groundOur intentions are righteousness and peaceThis can be your show go feed the weaponryGo and give your life for god and fatherlandThe mysteries of war will lie in your handsOur reinforcements are waiting to invadeHelp us rundown the rogues […]

Deus Ex Machina – 35 Summers

  Time is a funny thing Time is a very strange islandWhen you are young you’re a kidYou got time, you got nothing but time But as you get older you think JESUShow much I got?  I got 35 summers leftthink about it35 SUMMERS Time is a funny thingtime is a healer with a dead […]

The House Of Usher – Wrecked In Faith

  So many impressions beating down my headYou wanted to dissect my soulAnd suddenly I wished I was deadI feel your nails on my skin Misery, this is the end Now I'm drowning in your deepest seaThe violence is getting throughYour velvet warmth falling down on meAnd I just want to die for you Tu […]

Einsturzende Neubauten – Zebulon (English)

  Let my centre be your axisaround which your body turnslet your centre be my axisaround which your body turnslet me through your columns strollalong your colonnadelet me not hesitatenor play hard to getamble idly, revel sprightlyin you lose my way only she will see the light first let me through your delta swimwith inclined […]

Droom – Flowers

Walk away Like there's nothing left to sayWalk awayLike it doesn't mean a thingLeave me cold From your icy gazeYour heart of snow Leave me cold Don't even tryTo look my way Lose me in the crowds Don't even tryHide yourself away Cover your face With all the empty things you sayWith all the wasted […]

Sundown – Slither

  Your poison is like honey for my soulThat sweet sedative venom makes me wholePale horizons coming downNothing but a stranger in this…Lights keep shiftingFloating patterns across my faceOrbs still drippingA salty cure for bitter daysSlither slowlyPass the sadness across the roomSlither gentlyShaping god within the gloomTime keeps passingLike ashes riding on the stormFaith keeps […]

Canaan – Sperm Like Honey

  Last night I lost control Last night I lost control Dreamt of dying Died a thousand times   So many different deaths smiling at me caressing me Promising delight   Last night I lost control through my shells were strong enough   So many different deaths Making love to me sucking me granting delight […]

The Creatures – Exterminating Angel

  Here it comes againTaste of jagged glass and rusty canThere are just black holesWhere the stars would be watchingJust black holes where the stars should have been Plumes of dirt caress a urine colored sunSwarms of angels come to kill your sonsand there's nothinig but black holesWhere the stars should have beenNothing but black […]

The Sisters Of Mercy – Valentine

  The razor bites and the shriek subsidesHe arches clutching at his sidesAcross the floor across the tilesThe man is dead and the razor smilesA shiny love song a quick incisionCut him down on television A people come to thisBeyond the age of reasonA people fed on famine A people on their knees andPeople eat […]

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