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Faith And The Muse – Scars Flown Proud

We Are The Inheritors: The Evidence of Heaven Descendants of a Legacy gone but not Forgotten We Are The Inheritors of the Grand Persuasion Descendants of its Masquerade Numb but not Defeated Welcome to the silent war, to the world we never hoped to gain The great Disguise Wandering between two realms, One dead the […]

Still Patient ? – Agoraphobia

  I see a face and I hope it'a mine all the time visions stay visions not more to see not more to get give me a name to die for cry for I keep on walking to fools ways without destinations destinations without ways the taste of freedom beats you back conversations are the […]

Dead Souls Rising – TV – Trauma

  Mediatisation Frustration Sitcomm My television   Information Disinformation I've seen On a TV screen   Your education Master Slave Devotion feeds The masses end   TV lands insane Satellites of hate TV lands burn them Civilize the children with no brain   Pornography me Exorcize me Shit on me From TV   Dead crimes  […]

Leftfield – Open Up

Burn, burn Burn, burn, burn… Open upNow open up You lied, you fakedYou cheated, you changed the stakesMagnet toss that pie in the skyUnrehearsed, let the bubbles burstAll in all, a dreaming circusA fuel in the tea with parodyTragedy or comedyProbably publicity Open up, make room for meNow open up, make room for me Lose […]

Stoa – Alone

  The moon's greygolden meshes makeAll nights a veil,The shorelamps in the sleeping lakeLaburnum tendrils trail. The sly reeds whisper to the nightA name – his name –And all my soul is a delight,A swoon of shame. [James Joyce] Album : ZaL

Children on Stun – Sidelined

  Leaving your side Isn't harder than leaving the room I'm surrounded while you're alive I can no longer sell out and lose you Forever holding me How long is always? Answer: forever Underground Sidelined Love is like a thousand burning needles Pushing through my skin They work their way inside Coldness from within A […]

Enya – Evening Falls

  When the evening fallsAnd the daylight is fading,From within me callsCould it be I am sleeping?For a moment I stray,Then it holds me completelyClose to home – I cannot sayClose to home feeling so far away As I walk the room there before me a shadowFrom another world, where no other can followCarry me […]

Enya – Caribbean Blue

  … Eurus …… Afer Ventus …… so the world goes round and roundwith all you ever knew –They say the sky high aboveis Caribbean blue …… if every man says all he can,if every man is true,do I believe the sky aboveis Caribbean blue …… Boreas …… Zephryus …… if all you told was […]

Stoa – In Memoriam

  Be near me when my light is low.When the blood creeps and the nerves prickAnd tongle, and the heart is sick,And all the wheels of beeing slow. Be near me when the sensous frameIs racked with pangs that conquer trust,And time a maniac, scattering dust,And life, a fury, slinging flame. Be near me when […]

Stoa – Taumel

  Time runs out.I left behindMy breath came up to here.Till now I hesitated.Tired eyes –I scan the old horizon.My path cant end this way.But dyes rapidly fading. Find to calm,My heart without.But Im to weak to try.That lie was my undoing. BreakableArising hope for silence, –Thus far I was the child.The sleepers now awakened. […]

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