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RIP Johnny Clegg – a legend is no more

No, Johnny Clegg is not a goth star. He’s way more than that, he is a true legend and an example of an artist who fought for the rights of other people. He is an artist which many people appreciaéted musically as well, and so did we. Jonathan Clegg aka Johnny Clegg who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2015, died in his Johannesburg home on 16 July 2019, aged just 66. His touring schedule was abbreviated in 2017 after undergoing surgery for pancreatic cancer, and Clegg performed his last scheduled tour date in Maritius in October of 2018. Here’s a video from 2018. Musician and anthropologist Clegg was a South African musician and anthropologist who recorded and performed with his bands Juluka and Savuka. He formed the band together with the black musician and dancer Dudu Zulu in 1986 blending African music with European influences. The group’s first album, “Third World Child”, broke international sales records after which the band recorded several more albums. In 1993, the band dissolved after Dudu Zulu was shot and killed while attempting to mediate a taxi war. Expelled from the British Musicians’ Union Johnny Clegg and Savuka played both at home and abroad, […]

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Post-punk artist Astari Nite releases new song ‘Dearly Beloved’ + sign to Negative Gain

Florida based post-punk artists Astari Nite have released a brand new single, “Dearly Beloved”. The track is the first song off Astari Nite’s new album “Here Lies”, which is expected in the Winter of 2020 on the dark electronic label Negative Gain, (also home to Mr. Kitty, Goo Munday, Curse Mackey and Panic Priest). You can download the track right now from Bandcamp. Vocalist Mychael explains the inspiration behind “Dearly Beloved”: “This friend of mine sure has a way with words, I’m intrigued by her capability to explain sorrow from afar. I quickly realized that sometimes there isn’t a diary left behind to follow when letting go of someone in the afterlife. I’m understanding that love / affection can pour down at any moment, kind of like the summer rain, in essence “Dearly Beloved” can be described as a funeral – holiday song.” “Dearly Beloved” was produced by Astari Nite and mastered by Jason Corbett of Actors at Jacknife Sound. You can check out the song below. Upcoming Shows September 8th Los Angeles,CA – Part-Time Punks with Ash Code and Tearful Moon October 5th Tampa, FL – w/ Assemblage 23, Actors, Twin Tribes and more Who are Astari Nite? Astari […]

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Synthwave: One of Many Internet Created Music Genres

Synthwave, not to be confused with retrowave or vaporwave (which we will discuss later) is a genre of music that was created in large parts by the internet. Beginning in the early 2000s, niche and highly creative internet communities, who were heavily nostalgic for 1980s culture, helped create gave a name to a genre of music that would remind them of their childhood and celebrate the era’s atmosphere. Synthwave is heavily influenced by retrofuturism, a movement that showcases depictions of the future produced in an earlier era. For example, 1960s America depicted flying cars by the turn of the millennium. Retrofuturism is the remembering of the anticipation and being nostalgic for the anticipation that is often shown to be naïve in hindsight. The thousands of anonymous Synthwave creators were inspired by 1980s films, video games, cartoons and music. The 2011 film Drive starring Ryan Gosling featured a soundtrack spotlighting several Synthwave artists – more on this later. Synthwave, Retrowave and Video Games Although sometimes confused as the same thing, Retrowave is a bit like the precursor to the more ‘synthy’ Synthwave. The soundtrack of the Sonic the Hedgehog video game is very retrowave, indeed the soundtrack of many 80s and […]

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