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KRAFTman to release new 4 track EP ‘Electrique Musique’

Following on from the release of the KRAFTman single “Florian” (which included remixes by 808 Dot Pop and Maschine Brennt) and the appearance of a brand new track called “Waiting For The Day” on the Face The Beat 6 compilation, released by Side-Line magazine, KRAFTman is set to release a new 4 track EP of music heavily inspired by Kraftwerk: “Electrique Musique EP”. This new EP will feature 7 Inch versions of 4 tracks featured on the forthcoming KRAFTman album “Electrique Fabrique”. The “Electrique Musique EP” features the tracks “Bundesautobahn 52”, “A Face I Knew”, “Gamma Rays”, a cover of a recent 808 Dot Pop song, as well as, the KRAFTman take on the Kraftwerk track “Electric Cafe, which is unique, as Kraftwerk never released an English language version of the track. The album, whilst not a concept as such, has a theme, most of the songs are inspired by subjects Kraftwerk have used in some of their songs, so you can expect songs about German motorways, telephones, cycling, nuclear power etc. For now do check out “Waiting For The Day” taken from our free download compilation “Face The Beat 6”. Face The Beat: Session 6 by KRAFTman Other KRAFTman […]

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Lycia celebrate 30th anniversary ‘Ionia’ debut album with vinyl reissues

US pioneers Lycia have been a landmark for the whole darkwave and gothic scene since their inception in 1988 and releasing such cult albums like “A Day in the Stark Corner” (1993), “Cold” (1996) and many more. And this year the band is re-releasing their first studio album, “Ionia”, celebrating its thirtieth birthday in 2021, on vinyl. Originally released on September 3rd 1991 on Projekt Records, “Ionia” has been out of print for almost a quarter of a century, until a CD re-release appeared in 2017 (current deleted, but soon available again on Projekt). The album will now be released for the first time on double vinyl in two different colored versions. Recorded from February to June 1991 on 4 track cassette, this vinyl reissue will come to wax in a completely remastered version (courtesy Martin Bowes/Attrition), specifically thought for this 2LP edition. The two versions will be a red & black 2LP (250 copies) and a 3-coloured red, black & white splattered vinyl (250 copies).

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Coil tribute coming up: ‘Channeling The Solar Lodge’

Coitus Interruptus Productions and Crunch Pod are to release “Channeling The Solar Lodge”, a free Coil tribute compilation next month. The tribute will offer 20 different electronic and experimental projects covering their favourite Coil track. Bands featured on this compilation will be the following ones (next to their names you’ll find teh respective tracks they will cover): AkA – Artillery Night Space Brien Hindman – Boken Fabiola Dead Receptors – Defrag Dreamscape Invocation – Empusae Fetal Distress – Flint Glass Fluxion A/D – God Module Grave of the Opal Golem Law-Rah Collective – Manufactura Morlox – Michael Idehall – NDSTRY The Present Moment – Pyroclastic Snowbeasts – Sylvgheist Maëlström Talvekoidik – Theodor Bastard – XISIX About Coil Coil were an experimental music group, founded in 1982 in London, England and concluded in 2005. Initially envisioned as a solo project by musician John Balance (of the band Psychic TV), Coil evolved into a full-time project with the addition of his partner Peter Christopherson (formerly of pioneering industrial music group Throbbing Gristle). Balance and Christopherson were the only constant members; other contributors throughout the band’s career included Stephen Thrower, Danny Hyde, Drew McDowall, William Breeze, Thighpaulsandra, and Ossian Brown. After the release […]

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