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‘Click Interview’ with Ah-Cama Sotz: ‘Believing In Yourself Is A Must’

Belgian Herman Klapholz is mainly known and recognized for his involvement with Ah Cama-Sotz. He released an impressive number of productions and the less we can say is that Ah Cama-Sotz is constantly innovating and experimenting with new ideas. From dark-ambient and pure soundscapes to explicit industrial music to dub to techno, nothing seems impossible to Herman Klapholz. His newest opus “I Believe – “Allerheiligenvloed – Het Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe” (released on Hands) is the perfect exposure of this eclecticism. The first album is mixing industrial-, tribal- and techno music while the second one reveals an ambient/soundscape creation. Both albums are worthy of examination and simply confirming the endless creativity of this visionary artist. (Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: What can you tell us about the writing of your new album “I Believe”, its influences –which feel a bit like Ah Cama-Sotz mixed with Gatto Nero, and what are you believing in? Herman: “I Believe” and “Allerheiligenvloed”  has been written in nearly 2 years, a time where my life was not easy. There were weeks I was busy with lots of thinking and thoughts, and it was quite difficult to produce new Ah Cama-Sotz music and themes. There […]

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