Year: 2017

Paul Kendall debuts with LeCabLe project together with Daniel Dickel – listen here

The first release from LeCabLe is a fact: the 8-track album “Multicore”. LeCabLe consists of the duo Paul Kendall (lapsteel, ‘springs and things’) and Daniel Dickel (mono synth, tapes and ‘things’) and offers landscape music mixing aleatoric harmony and noise. And knowing Kendall, you can expect some really cool sounds which the Recoil-collaborator has been creating. “Multicore” by LeCable is available for the launch price of – listen well – 99p via the Bandcamp page of Catwalk Imprint. If you order the album in one go, you’ll get the bonus video included. Highly recommended to those who like some profound audio research. MULTICORE by LeCabLe Below is the first material that got released a while back: “Elevator to L’écho-faux”.

Check teaser Morrissey biopic ‘England Is Mine’ – coming out on December 12th

Coming to Blu-ray, DVD, and digital formats (all available here) on December 12th is the Morrissey biopic “England Is Mine” directed by Mark Gill. The biopic is about the early days of Morrissey and stars Jack Lowden as Steven Patrick Morrissey and Jessica Brown Findlay of “Downton Abbey” fame as his soul mate and muse. Set in Thatcher’s Britain of the 70’s and 80’s, the film tells the story of the 17 year-old Morrissey. For the true fans of The Smiths, make sure to have already picked up this expanded vinyl edition of “The Queen Is Dead” album released as a 5LP box set which features the 2017 master of the album, additional recordings and the “Live In Boston” recording. You can view a teaser below.

After 4 years of silence the Swedish electro act Severe Illusion returns with EP ‘A Familiar State of Passive Compliance’

Four very long years. That is how long we had to wait on the newest EP by the Swedish Dark Electro veterans Severe Illusion. “A Familiar State of Passive Compliance” was recorded in the past few months and offers their trademark dark electro throughout 5 tracks, spanning more than 21 minutes. The EP will see a physical release and comes in a 4-panel digipak with artwork by Noculture. The estimated arrival is just in time for christmas 2017! Here’s a preview. The band was started in 2000 by Fredrik Djurfeldt and Ulf Lundblad and they saw their first album “Discipline” released by PAF records in May 2003. Soon PAF records ceased to exist and Severe Illusion moved to New Mexico based Dangerous Sharks Biting People (DSBP) who released the next album, “Accomplishments of Leopold II” in 2005. In 2011, the band signed to Complete Control Productions for the album “No More Alive Than You Deserve” released in September that year. In 2013 they offered “Deliberate Prefrontal Leucotomy” also on CCP. Currently the band consists of Fredrik Djurfeldt, Ulf Lundblad, Janina Danes and Anders Karlsson.

TB Frank (The Neon Judgement) joins up with Baustein to release the single ‘Mother of Earth’

Out on November 17 is the single “Mother of Earth” by the duo TB Frank (The Neon Judgement and also bass player from Praga Khan, Jade4U and Lords of Acid) and Baustein. The single is taken from the upcoming album “Tock !” which will be released on 26th January, 2018. The album will be released under the bandname “TB Frank & Baustein”, the album will be followed by a series of live concerts. Born and raised in Germany, Baustein moved to Hollywood Los Angeles where he graduated at Musicians Institute of Technology in performing, songwriting & music business by Kenny Kerner (producer KISS). He later on hooked up with Christopher Franke (Tangerine Dream, Babylon 5) at Sonic Images Records located in his Hollywood studios. Since 2000 Baustein is running his own recording and production studio “Baustein Guitar Studio”, offering contemporary music training, teaching guitar, drums, songwriting, production and bandcoaching. The track “Mother of Earth” is a cover from a The Gun Club original. Here’ the video for “Mother of Earth”. The original by The Gun Club sounds like this.

Ad:keY – Reanimator

“Ad:keY” is back on planet Earth for their 5th studio assault. Their mission on this new 13-track album is perfectly summarized in its one-word title “Reanimator”: The Berlin-based AD:keY duo will reanimate our bodies and brains, blowing away the dust from our daily routines, insufflating a breath of positive vibes into our greatest hopes and dreams, and inviting all of us with a clear critical position to act and do something in life for the future of humanity and the universe… “We live here, we live now, we celebrate it” being their new motto!

Musically, the duo stays faithful to its characteristic style while continuing widening its sonic spectrum and expanding its production skills and songwriting quality level. AD:keY stands for hi-energy positive EBM work made of stomping beats, muscled bass lines, addictive melodic electro sequences and clear powerful (mostly German) vocals. And the vocal duality of Andrea’s shouting leads and Rene’s clear backing vox which made AD:KEY stand out as unique and original on the “old school Electronic Body Music” scene, reaches here an amazing symbiosis giving all its force and strength to this stunning album.

“Reanimator” is a non-stop EBM pumping machine

ReGen Magazine Exclusive: Cervello Elettronico music video premiere, Canadian dates announced

Having released the Logical Fears album in November of 2016, experimental electro/EBM act Cervello Elettronico has unveiled the music video for the pulse pounding title track; directed and animated by Francesco Brunotti, ReGen Magazine is proud to present the “Logical Fears” video in a special exclusive! “While Logical Fears was a very politically inspired album, […]

Marsheaux sees various very limited reissues on vinyl in December – pre-orders available now

Out in December – and available in pre-order now – are 2 brand new vinyl reissues of albums by the Greek female electropop duo Marsheaux. The first is “Lumineux Noir”, the third album (2009) from Marsheaux which sees a reissue as a 2LP on blue vinyl. This limited blue double vinyl (500 copies only) has 3 sides of music and 1 side etched with the cover art. You can order the album right here. The next one is the band’s second album, the 2006 released “Peek A Boo” which will be reissued as a 2LP on lilac vinyl. This second album was the band’s breakthrough album and is now released for the first time ever on vinyl, in a limited edition of only 500 copies. Again, you get 3 sides of music and 1 side featuring an etching. You can order the album right here. These are 2 tracks from the above mentioned albums: “Summer” from “Lumineux Noir”, and “Hanging On” from “Peek A Boo”.

‘Click Interview’ with Stars Crusaders: ‘We Like To Blend The Sounds And Mix Ingredients To Create Something Different And Hard To Label’

Stars Crusaders is a ‘crazy’ Italian electro/future-pop band, which released their first official work in 2014. The band clearly revealed alluring electronics mixed with sci-fi themes. They now have released their second full length album entitled “Welcome To Hydra”, which invites the listener on a new mission towards the future, reaching  the year 2517 where ‘all humans are moving to Hydra, looking for a new era of peace and prosperity, but a dark shadow appears on the horizon’. I invited the sonic cosmonauts to take a break on their mission and answer a few questions. (by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: Can you briefly tell us how Stars Crusaders saw the daylight and what have been the main sources of inspiration?  Yeda: Hello humans. We are Yeda, Davedax, Symorg and C1-C0. Dave and Symorg were schoolmates. They play electronic music since those years. In 2014 they started looking for a singer for a new ‘electro syfy’-project. I met them for the first time during the audition, and it felt like love at first sight. STARS[+]CRUSADERS were born that day. We immediately began to compose songs together and in less than one year we got the debut album ”New Horizons” finished. At the end of 2014 […]

Chuck Mosley, former singer of Faith No More, dead at 57

Bad news keeps on pouring in. Former Faith No More singer Chuck Mosley died aged only 57 after battling for almost his entire life against his addiction. The singer’s death was due to “the disease of addiction” so his family informed: “After a long period of sobriety, Charles Henry Mosley III lost his life, on November 9th, 2017, due to the disease of addiction. We’re sharing the manner in which he passed, in the hopes that it might serve as a warning or wake up call or beacon to anyone else struggling to fight for sobriety.” Chuck Mosley is survived by long-term partner Pip Logan, two daughters, and a grandson. The family was not only haunted by Mosley’s addiction but also by financial problems as they announced that they “will be accepting donations for funeral expenses”. Mosley, co-writer of Faith No More’s groundbreaking 1985 debut album “We Care A Lot” and its follow-up, “Introduce Yourself”, departed from the band due to his struggles with addiction. The split seems to have been amicable as he had since joined the band on stage for a number of shows. The band also performed live with him last year in a reunion style when […]

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